Keeping Up Appearances

Perfectly said…………….

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  1. Thanks for linking up! 🙂

  2. YES !!! I look like my old self BUT I am so shaky inside and my head is still in a fog. Still get nauseous when I move my head too much, want to sleep a lot still and can’t do anything using fine motor skills. I am getting a lot of people thinking that I am “all better” until they see me walk.

  3. I get lots of comments on looking great after they find out I’ve had a stroke. I usually don’t respond because it would take an hour to explain what happened and what my invisible deficits are.

  4. dean, how’s your gait? when I first communicated with you, you were working hard on your gait. and to keep your arm from bouncing into your groin. are those fixed now?

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