My last post was a re-blog and so is this one,  really I’ve just become lazy and don’t feel like writing anything myself.  No, I’m kidding, these are 2 wonderful blog posts.  I want to link to this post on another blog because OH.MY.GOD.YES.

gc time

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  1. I have to start emulating you, I’m too anal about writing posts and thus am not getting to my other priorities.

  2. Dean, you can’t skip your posts telling us all what’s going on in the world (about one square foot) of stroke research.

  3. Time is essentially the same for everyone on Earth, but the perception of time is different for everyone. When faced with years of trying to get things accomplished, months seems less insignificant.

    • i absolutely agree that a month has become far less significant now. 5 years post-stroke, I find only another 5 years or more daunting. sort of like when I used to run, there was an attitude that whatever distance you ran regularly could be doubled one time. For example, if a runner found 13 miles okay, the runner could actually complete a marathon. does that mean if I can live my life reasonably stable for 5 years, that I can be okay for 12 more? But what if 12 more years dismays me? Certainly 3 more months is a quick flash from here, but in the beginning, waiting 6 months to be recovered was scary.

  4. My stroke intensified my sense of “urgency” in a way. I was 36 and perfectly healthy… I thought I had tons of time, then bam….almost out of time. Now everything takes longer, I need breaks and too much sleep. So I only do what I want…..really want to do. I never feel obligated to waste my precious time on nonsense. The stroke taught me a very important lesson about time.

    • Same for me, I only do things I wanna do with people I wanna do them with. Never again will I ever do something I don’t want to do in order to deceive, which is all I did in my previous life.

      • I’m going to have to drop out of a trivia group because the woman running it is trying to control me and others thru me. I just want to play trivia, drama is not where I’m going to waste time.

  5. Dean, someone’s trying to control you? what an idiot – does she lose every time?

  6. Right after the stroke, my neurologist told me I would get everything back in 18 months which seemed like forever at the time. It’s been 5 years and my left side is still not participating. I see myself progressing but so so slowly. My emotional healing has been about getting over fear of being a burden to my family, I’m over that now. I know my brain is strong and sound so I expect to coninue to progress… when 18 months had passed and no magic happened. It was ho hum since I never believed him anyway

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