The good thing about having a stroke….

My voice teacher is one of the coolest people I’ve ever met in my life.  He’s awesome.  We’ve discovered recently that I have what would have been in my previous life a pretty good singing voice, had it been trained.  Maybe someday in this life I’ll have a good singing voice.  I can get really high and I’m very loud.  When I had the stroke, one of the absolute, most devastating things to me was that my loud, inappropriate, infectious laugh was completely gone.  I say inappropriate because I would be loud and laugh in inappropriate settings.  I always did that.  I’ve been told all of my life that my laugh was great.  Then I had a stroke and it disappeared.  It was just gone.  Not being able to laugh, or cry, or express emotion of any kind when you have a million emotions inside and everyone around you thinks that you’re just dumb now is – let’s just say – I really don’t know what to say.  There is nothing I could say that would come even remotely close to explaining what hell that was.  My loud laugh is back now.

But let’s get back to why I named this post such a very weird title.  I had a voice lesson today and in my lesson my voice teacher was complimenting me on some things I’ve been working on and he said…..”the great thing about having a stroke is….” and I cracked up and he immediately realized how that must have sounded to me and he explained what he meant and it’s so true and makes perfect sense.  He said that what he meant was that it must have made me incredibly aware of how my body is working which is going to work very much in my favor as far as training my voice is concerned.  He’s absolutely right.  I mean, I was already pretty aware of what muscles were working/not working and stuff but then Christ, I had a stroke and had to start from scratch.  Now to say that I’m extremely aware of stuff would be an understatement.  I am extra, hyper, excessively, superfluously aware.

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  1. I have to find another one, my previous one wasn’t that good. Although she did tell me I’m at least a baritone, if not a bass.

  2. My goodness is getting out of my marriage.

    • That was my best thing, getting out of the “relationship” that I was in. There are a whole lot of things that I like better about my life now so I should stop complaining. Wait, no I shouldn’t.

  3. Superfluously – good word. We should have a stroke word of the day. Right after my stroke my voice was weak and raspy, but it was back to normal after six months. Now, though, spasticity has crept up into my neck and my voice is deteriorating again.

  4. I’m pretty sure I had a terrible voice before and it persists. Although, I did have a loud voice, that has returned. I couldnt believe right after, everyone was asking me to “speak up”…that was a first. Glad ur big laugh has returned. I remember being sad about losing the things that I felt were “me”. I kept thinking, how are they going to teach me to be me again. I had a flat affect and monotone….so NOT me…it feels good to be me again, at least in those respects. Mostly waiting on my endless energy to return, might be awhile;)… forever.

  5. Ken’s voice is higher pitched and not even close to being the same as it was. I know that we aren’t even a year yet but he always wonders when he is going to get his voice back. He just wants people to be able to understand him. Most of us do because he has gotten good with talking slow now and articulating. We dropped his speech therapist months ago because she was horrible and made him feel stupid.

    • How did his speech therapist make him feel stupid? My first speech therapist made me feel stupid, he had no empathy whatsoever.

      • She would constantly talk over him and with our home aide instead of with Ken. She would say, “huh, what, what did you say” because she was not paying attention then expected him to have interest when she was asking him to give definitions of words and use them in a sentence. He felt as if he were in 2nd grade again and she wouldn’t just talk to him. She was very abrasive and toward the end Ken was aggravated and had no interest in doing anything with her. Hence why we dropped speech for now. His therapist at the rehab facility we were at was FABULOUS!!!! i wish we could have her for our home visits. Ken and her really connected.

  6. I always loved that loud “inappropriate laugh” as you out it and I’m over joyed that it is back💕. I love you Amy more than words can express. Love, Aunt Judi.

  7. Why do I have that weird thing for my face?? LOL

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