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I have been told by 6 different people, 5 different times that either I have offended, I should change the way I write or what I write about, that I should have handled some situation differently than I did, and other things that I should change.  All of these kind of things that were said to me were said in not so nice ways.  Look, this is my personal blog.  This is not my job, I don’t get paid to do this.  I’m not the moderator of some forum that I’m getting money in return for moderating.  I just write a blog.  I started this and continue to do it because I think I can help people and have been told many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many times that that is in fact true.  If you want to pay me, if you want to offer me money in exchange for writing this and moderating it only then will you have the right to say to me that I need to tone it down or change the way I write or what I write about or how I handle things.  But that’s not the case.  No one has offered that so I will continue to say what I want about what I want and handle things the way that I see fit.  I think it’s very interesting that the people who have said things like that to me felt so entitled.  I understand anger and impulsivity.  Believe me, I understand that quite well.  I have quite a bit of anger myself.  Please don’t forget that I’m still dealing with this shit too.  I’m still dealing with all of the anger myself, so please, please don’t add to that anger and stress me out by saying something to me that you didn’t like about my blog.  If this blog isn’t helpful to you then don’t read it.


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  1. I think there is some sexism going on there. What I write about is much worse than anything you have put out and I haven’t had any blowback yet. Send them to my blog if they feel offended by yours.

  2. Amy, your blog is just fine. Do not waste any energy or braincells on unimportant people. Just because someone has an opinion, doesn’t mean they need to share it. Use some let it go spray on them and their comments, Acknowledge and move on. Marta

  3. I hear you, Amy. I had a stranger, that I inadvertently met here (on your blog), leave a horrifying comment on one of my blog posts last November… On my birthday to be exact. It was very hurtful and left me crying for an hour and feeling like I was a terrible wife to zack for days after. I feel the same as you… This is your personal outlet. YOURS.

    I can possibly understand a close friend mentioning concern for YOU, or sharing that their feeling were hurt. But to accuse you of offending them… Especially if they aren’t a close friend and just a blog follower… That seems like ludacris to me. It would be much more appropriate to excuse themselves from following you.

    • That same person that said that horrible thing to you is one of the people that said some horrible things to me. I tried to let it go after it happened once but then it happened again and I decided to deal with it no longer.

    • Brooke,
      You are the an amazing wife/caregiver/and mother to your little girl. You have alot on your plate and your are walking with grace. I think I remember that comment…I’m so sorry it got to you. Let it go was probably the best advise for most of that person’s rude insults/comments. I had my share directed at me, and i had to leave here for awhile because I didn’t want to get myself worked up over the comments..this is a place to vent to others about the hand we’ve been delt, how we deal with it, to others that “get it” more than anyone in our “real lives”. What you are doing is beyond hard…and you are doing it spectacularly!!
      I love your blog. I left for awhile till I could figure out how to not be irritated by some comments. Anyone who tells you what to do with your blog is delusional. I think your blog is more “personal” and that’s why it strikes a chord with some…nevertheless… Your blog, your opinions, your way. I consider this place a type of “therapy” for me, so thank you!

  4. Write what you want. Your blog. Your thoughts. Your feelings.

    When reading those stressful comments don’t forget that some of the comments might be reflecting where they are in their “journey ” and really reflecting their needs and it has nothing to do with you. A reader might be clinging to optimism and hope like a life line in their own life right now and feel an urge to be evangelical.

    At the risk of getting controversial myself (grin) I call a certain bunch born again survivors, and I am not just counting celebrating a stroke anniversary with joy for getting a new beginning.

    Anyway, social media does leave you open to spam, personal attacks, inspiring others and making a few friends and enemies.

  5. Amy, I was so happy to read your blog the first time I saw it, and I look forward to reading them. You have helped me a lot! It’s great to be able to “converse” with other stroke victims. My very intelligent sister said it’s like belonging to a support group.
    Thank you very much! I love your positive attitude and the encouragement you give to others.

  6. Please keep going Amy, I love your truthfulness and disregard these naysayers that don’t have the courage to write their own blog. I had to tell one complainer that this was my blog and if he was that involved in his subject he was free to write his own blog. No idea what happened to him.

  7. He was into earthing crap. GAH!!!

  8. Amy, I am sorry you’ve had to deal with such disrespect from people. I love reading your blog! You are very wise in your work and in life in general. Please, don’t let people like these slow you down. You are way too good for these people and their unkind opinions!

  9. WTF? Yes, I’m often told I’m eloquent, but all I can say is: WTF?

  10. Amy, I have a brilliant idea: next time someone comments something inappropriate and/or nasty, how about you leave it there so WE can ream the moron? And everyone will know who it was.

  11. This one chick gave a really fascinating TEDtalk – she had CP and shook and she was an actor/comic. She was funny. And riveting! Anyway, she said “I dont think I would have accomplished so much if there was social media when I was young” (I’m paraphrasing, but it was just like that). Comments. People will hide behind their computers and say the most awful things. And dont forget – the general population is really not that smart! (Billy Ray Cyrus people? Acid-washed jeans hiked up to your neck???)

    Dont pay any attention to dumb comments. I love your blog. Eff em.

  12. Amy,
    I love your blog and your honesty. Please don’t change a thing, it is perfect the way that it is! With your stroke, you have been there and done that, plus you were a physical therapist, so your insight is so valuable. Even when I disagree with something you say or a commenter says, I just figure – to each their own. It’s your blog so you can put whatever you want on it and if I disagree with someone’s comment, so what? Even though we’ve all had strokes or are caregivers, we’re still all different people and you have to respect other’s differences. My only complaint:
    Where is Grumpy Cat today? I insist on at least one Grumpy Cat on each post and this was a perfect Grumpy Cat post!

  13. I’ve just been reading through your stroke blogs and was about to comment to let you know how interesting I think they are. I really enjoy your blogs. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

  14. Amy,
    Your blog, your opinion. I mention you quite frequently on my blog. It may be a differing opinion or agreeing with you. (I do the same with Dean, Barb and the rest of the stroke tribe) and I always link to your site. I hit the delete button on haters and make their comments disappear. The emails on the other hand, get answered in a polite way of telling them to go f-o. Of course they may not be up on diplo-speak and consider it a compliment.

    We all have different reasons why we blog. You and Dean info and vent. Barb keeps a time line of events and achievements. I try to be informative, uplifting, and tell it like it is in a timely fashion. It’s the differing reasons why I follow certain blogs and I follow about 200 of them.

    To coin a New York phrase about the bashers, “Frget bout ’em.” (very bad New York accent)

  15. There are a lot of trolls out there. Don’t let them pull you in.

  16. Amy,
    I am truly flabbergasted with your response and recognition of what has had transpired. In the beginning we had opened our home and encouraged you to express your opinions to help others and ourselves. We were happy to pay for your flight and open our home to you and had a wonderful weekend. You were our friend. BUT when we had pointed out that THERE is a difference between AMY in person and AMY on line there seems to be an anger behind you. You hide behind your computer because what we see online is NOTHING you see in person you seemed to be outraged and angry online. We tried to only give you constructive criticism, but to which you have become even more angered. Your thoughts on western medicine are respected but they come across on lumping all physicians into one category and are racist. you can not lump one category into another category. You can not put western medicince into the same category as eastern medicine. You do not have any medical background, or medical doctoral degree to judge or educate patients or society on eastern OR western medicine. Your thoughts and beliefs are always encouraged to other patients but they are YOUR BELIEFS and not acceptable to all or for all situations. They are offensive. PAUSE!!!!
    Please don’t get upset, realize people are going through situations worse than yours, and are trying to find hope.

    • WOW. There is so much to say about this comment. Your anger is SEVERELY misdirected. You OBVIOUSLY are not aware of some things. One example of something that you are probably not aware of is how your wife viciously verbally attacked without any provocation whatsoever another reader/commenter on MY blog (your wife did this ON THE COMPUTER, HIDING BEHIND THE COMPUTER). I don’t hide behind my computer. Anything I say on here I would be more than willing to say to anyone in their presence. I’m guess you and your betrothed would not, you hypocrite. Please get some therapy for your anger to figure some stuff out and get into a practice of meditation. Please take a look in the mirror. Dan, your sense of entitlement is embarrassing. NEWS FLASH: there are other people in the world besides YOU. I feel very, very bad for your patients because they are the ones that pay the price for your ugly, cocky, BS attitude. I sure as hell hope that you have a better bedside manner than the extreme cockiness that you’ve displayed towards me. It’s HIGHLY unethical of you, a physician, a healer, to attack a stroke victim like this. Your license to practice medicine should be taken away.
      By the way, I know that you think that you are supporting your wife by attacking me on my own blog when when we haven’t even spoken for nearly a year. (When you didn’t support her when she was in the hospital. You’d think that being an all-knowing doctor you would’ve known that what was happening was far, far, far, far, far from standard treatment – and you did NOTHING) but by leaving this comment what you did was come off and make people think that you are a major a-hole. And you identified yourself by leaving your full name. Why in God’s name would you do that?

      You should know that people out there are going through situations WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY ,WAY, WAY the fuck worse than your wife and are trying to find hope. Also by the way, it’s very scary that you are operating on people when your spelling and grammar is absolutely abysmal.

      If you would like to threaten me again with trying to scare me by saying you’re going to get lawyers involved, go ahead and do it. You’ll just embarrass yourself. The majority of your wife’s book and blog is a complete ripoff of my blog. I actually have a reason to speak with an attorney about you, you on the other hand, have NO reason. Threaten me again and I’ll threaten you right back with a lawsuit for plagiarism. I know people too.

      I am trying to genuinely help others, and that was my only goal from day 1. You are not, she is not. So stop pretending. You’re an asshole Dan. Just who the hell do you think you are? To come on MY blog, a blog that helps HUNDREDS of people, and say that stuff and attack my character. Who the fuck do you think you are? I don’t give a shit about you or your wife and I don’t now and never did owe you a GD thing.

      Heal thyself, physician.

  17. My God DK, you need to think before you start spouting off about stuff you know nothing about. Amy is perfectly entitled to her own opinions. You comment shows you have absolutely no empathy at all. Any anger directed at the stroke medical world is well deserved. You don’t need any medical training at all to see how fucking stupid they are in regards to stroke. Damn right I’m generalizing. Amy didn’t ask for any destructive criticism, so shut the fuck up. I want Amy mentally healthy and you are a major part of the problem.

  18. Takes al kinds, Amy. Please don’t restrict your thoughts and words to please someone who doesn’t have to read your blog in the first place. I would like to use stronger words but will leave it at that.

  19. I just had to make another comment. I love that this man thinks a Physical therapist has no medical background, especially one that has a DPT like you do Amy. He should know that Physical Therapy is listed as one of the top ten careers in the Medical field. Now Why, would he think you can graduate from that field with out ANY medical background. You do need to make yourself more clear about that. Unless you mean the amount of medical knowledge one has, but you better be careful there, or you can get into comparing all kinds of things, like apples and oranges. To the person that left this comment: you do not know Amy that well at all. She has worked hard for her degree, graduating at the top of her class in everything from from high school on. After the stroke she has worked even harder, to be where she is today, and much of it on her own through her own research. You have been told repeatedly, this is Amy’s blog. It is her opinion, she can vent here if she likes. She can give good information here also. If you are so concerned, there is a plethora of information on this blog, by every one of these stroke survivors, that could be utilized in the treatment of stroke patients. Take it back to members of the stroke medical world. Everyone’s life journey is different. I know it, you know it, and Amy surely knows it. Just PLEASE remember this is a BLOG! Amy keep on Blogging sweety:)


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