I really need to write a book.  The author of the great Stronger After Stroke, is a Physical Therapist Assistant who has been researching nothing but strokes for I think like 20 years or something?  Maybe that number’s wrong, I loaned my book out to Pat who actually wants to learn and try to understand the little slice of hell I go through on a day-to-day basis.  I’m sure it says the length of time in there.  20 years is a hell of a lot more years of experience than I have dealing with this topic.  But here’s my experience with stroke – I had one.  Wait, no, hold on, I would have only had one stroke had the doctors done a GD thing for me but they didn’t so I ended up having 3 strokes.  The damage to my brain being gigantic.  And an a few MDs decided to do something in order to prevent death for me so that I could live out the rest of my life disabled.  Thanks so much!!!!!

Dean, you wanna collaborate on a book with me?  Seriously? I happen to think it would be the best book on stroke rehab/recovery in existence.  But that’s just me.  Peter Levine does not mention meditation in his book.  A major portion of my book is going to be dedicated to meditation and its effects on the brain and body.  I really, really don’t understand why meditative practices are not being used in hospitals and prescribed by neurologists.  I don’t get it, but I don’t get a whole hell of a lot about this country.

Please go here for a better, affordable alternative to learning Transcendental Meditation.

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  1. Do it. You and Dean writing a book is a brilliant idea. Can I edit?

  2. I added a third leg to my taking over the stroke world. After the stroke research institute and stroketribeblogs. I plan on writing about 25-30 eBooks on stroke, each about 70-80 pages long. Series title is; After Your Stroke

  3. Amy, I too am mystified why neither meditation nor massage are indicated as part of every recovery plan. I had a year of weekly neuromuscular massage after my stroke and it helped me to get in touch with my body and accept the differences after stroke. As a result I love my body even after stroke. Marta

    • Alternative practices are poo-pooed in the medical world and I don’t understand why. There’s a mountainload of evidence to support some of these practices, it’s not that there isn’t research to back it up. I don’t get it.

      • Once they have research to back them up they are no longer alternative and our doctors should be using them. I blame medical training for not looking at new stuff coming out.

  4. I would love to read a book you and Dean wrote! I highly encourage you two to write together.

    The feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming the day I received the final copy of my published book. It was a small way to say “Ha stroke, I am winning!” I look forward to you having a similar experience.

  5. There’s your problem, you put brilliant in front of neurologists. I bet there are none on this planet, I’d try HIP 13044b.

    • Have you seen the commercial for the new TV show called “The Black Box?” In the commercial for it, it says the show is about a “brilliant neurologist.” Every time I see it I throw up in my mouth a little.

  6. Great idea. Mine has stalled after my last stroke in Dec.

  7. I would love to be a contributing author on the book. Check out my blog when you have a chance.

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