I have a new job that I’ve been doing since April.  I’m reviewing charts written by physical therapists and I’ve seen this word a lot: kinesiotape.  Kinesio Tape is a brand name, the therapist is just talking about elastic tape that can be used on skin.  Doing this and taping joints into certain positions can help some things, the point being to stabilize a joint and give feedback to the muscle to work correctly.  They taped my shoulder when I was in the hospital.  They did this.  It didn’t do a damn thing.  My tremor and ataxia were way, way, way, way too bad and overcame the tape.  Poor things, the therapists felt SO bad for me.  I was a young woman who days ago WAS a therapist and —- Oh God.  Anyway, taping stuff is a really orthopedic thing to do.  It probably won’t do anything for a neurological injury.  An acute neurological injury that is.  So, not at first.  But after a while, the problems you’re dealing with become more orthopedic as a result of the crapass neurological injury.  Make sense?  So years later, tape might help some things.  It wouldn’t help me at all because of my particular issues but it might help others.

I’ve used these all before but they make me laugh…..

gc stupid gc thermometer gc nemo

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  1. My shoulder Kinesio taping didn’t seem to do anything for me either. I think it was, another therapist has this skill, lets see what else we an throw at Dean and see if it works.
    Myofascial treatments didn’t do anything either but felt wonderful.

    • I got the “let’s try this and see if it helps” treatment quite a lot. Nothing they did helped.

    • dean , is myo facial treatment the same as craniosacral? When she massages my arms and legs, she said she’s relaxing the fascia on my muscles. The rest is digging into pressure points and knots, like a deep-tissue massage. I love it.

      • No they’re very different treatments.

      • Craniosacral has got to have one of the more stupid ideas for action. You can press on your skull hard enough to create waves in your cerebral spinal fluid and that wave action supposedly does something good. Just too many implausibilities and laugh out loud ideas in that.

        • I agree, it’s completely bogus.

          • Did you two really just diss me for using unconventional treatment? Seriously? It’s not as though I’m pushing it on anyone else or justifying its use – I just have a treatment every other week, and I enjoy everything about it. I’ve made no claims about it. please stop belittling me.

            • No not at all. I didn’t mean to belittle, sorry. I actually didn’t understand from your comment that you were getting craniosacral treatments. That was the therapist in me talking saying it’s bogus, not at all the stroke survivor, sorry.

        • Lol! My understanding is that the wave exists already and has to be “balanced.” The thing, it can’t possibly do any harm, and the result is relaxation similar to a deep-tissue massage. PLU i get an hour of talk therapy thrown in. The only downside is the cost.

          • Sorry Barb, didn’t realize you were getting crainiosacral. The no harm in that would come from the fact that no one except for maybe Andre the Giant would have big enough and strong enough hands to depress your skull enough to create waves. And he’s dead. I’m jealous of the massage you’re getting.

            • So now you’re bringing up how thick-skilled I am?

              • I’ll stop at this point. My stroke-addled filter needs adjustment.

                • Love means never having to say you’re sorry. Movie and two main actors. No googling. Bonus points for the political figure who some say the male character was based on.

                  • Love Story Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal (Are we old) no idea who he was based on.

                    • Very good. Al Gore was the college roommate of the author of the novel and some claim the characters were based on Al and Tipper. At least that’s the way I remember it. I can’t remember the name of the author. I resist googling things like this in order to exercise my remaining brain. When I was in college I had a huge crush on Ali McGraw until she got into an abusive relationship with Steve McQueen. My heart was broken. Yes, we are old. For sure I am.

  2. You can post those memes 5 years from now, and they’ll still make me laugh.

    • I think the “FOUND HIM” one is the best one. The best part is that some people don’t know what it means.

      • Nemo is a hermaphrodite, all clownfish are. So we would have no way of knowing if it is a him or her.

        • I would hate to play Trivial Pursuit against you Dean.

        • Dean, as a person who loves semantics, I have to clarify this: a hermaphrodite has both male AND female parts, not male OR female parts. For appropriate pronouns, English has but male OR female, not male AND female. Perhaps the trans community has a pronoun for partly transitioned people, but I don’t know it. Bottom line: there is no correct way to fix this meme, other than the concept that “man” includes both genders, and “he” is gender-neutral in generalizations. That makes it “found him.”

  3. I thought Al Gore’s roommate in college was Tommy Lee Jones. I read an article once about how Google and GPS are making us stupid.

    • Yes, I think you’re right about that. The author must have been an English professor at Harvard, or maybe it was Yale. Very good Amy. Who needs Google anyhow.

      • And as an official member of the man tribe, I never use GPS unless I’m lost, and I’m never lost.

        • Even with GPS, I manage to still get lost. I actually spent quite a bit of time working on maps and navigation with my speech therapist working on cognitive rehab. I just do not understand maps at all anymore….its fairly annoying and makes me feel stupid sometimes.

          • Oh man, Elizabeth maps were always Greek to me, even pre-stroke. I just don’t learn/comprehend that way. I’m not a visual learner at all. Even in my anatomy classes they would give us pictures and diagrams and I’d write out paragraphs about what connects to what, the pictures were useless to me. Good thing I took all those classes when I could write.

        • Okay, if I’m being totally honest, occasionally when traveling my destination gets temporarily misplaced. But that’s not the same as being lost. At least I would never admit that it is.

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