I was just attacked (by words) on my own blog on this post.  If I’m helping you somehow and you’d like me to continue writing this blog, please leave a comment and say so.  According to this comment that was made on my public blog for everyone to see, I’m extremely offensive.  If that is the case, I want to stop.  But I think I’m helpful and make people laugh.  So, please tell me if you want me to continue.


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  1. Amy, your blog is the gathering place for numerous survivors and is sorely needed. I appreciate you immensely and look forward to survivors working on taking me down a few notches. I need this blog.

  2. Keep it up! Jane

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  3. Amy, I’ve previously thanked you for your blog. PLEASE IGNORE HIS criticism. You do good for the rest of us. He has to be stupid!

  4. amy, you are lovely and brave. Don’t let other people’s issues get in youir way. Marta

  5. Amy (AND ANYONE ELSE READING THIS) – I had an aneurysm at age 36. Then my neurologists made me have this wonderful stroke to save my life. I always think that I lived through the aneurysm, and now I have to deal with this stroke. It is…massive. I hate when people say that, actually. Everyone thinks they’re stroke was “massive” because it was to them, right? Well, I was in the hospital for three months, I was in a wheelchair for awhile, then used a walker, then used a cane. And I had to re-learn how to talk, walk, stand…the part in my brain that employs balance was destroyed…so….that blows. And my stroke was in the cerebellum so say goodbye to fine motor skills like handwriting! Or so many things you do on that side and dont even realize it.

    SO, the reason I am saying all this is that Amy’s posts really help me to feel that I am not alone in this. Someone else is out there that has to deal with this stuff! Maybe it’s because I live in Cleveland or that I dont want to rot in my house but according to every stranger out in the world, i am “way too young to have this happen!” and “awwww!” Mostly people just stare at me. OR they nudge their friends and point and both laugh at me because they think I’m loaded! Yeah, it’s great. It’s a lack of balance, people.

    I do like reading your blog posts, Amy. They remind me that other people are going through this awfulness. And damn right she’s angry! I hate when people are like “embrace your new normal!” Uh, this is hell, people. I just want to be like how i was two and half years ago. This sucks ass. Other people dont have to deal with this garbage – now I do? Eff this! And eff you for thinking this is ok!

    Rant there. My bad. Just saying – I like that Amy says the things that I am thinking.

  6. Keep it up Amy,I love it.

  7. Continue! Why are you even asking?

  8. Of course you should keep blogging! You have created a community of support that a lot of people need! xoxo

  9. Amy you have been of great help to my husband and me . If they do not like, then they should not read it.
    Take care

  10. You already know that we want you to continue! Don’t let that person spoil it.
    And again, where is Grumpy Cat? ; )

  11. I was never going to stop blogging, I know it’s helps mucho people. After that comment I just needed for people to tell me that and I also wanted him to see it as he obviously he cares very much about what happens on MY blog.

    • Well, if he didn’t see that on your last post, then his head must be stuck up his rear.
      Sorry, “Angry Lori” is coming out – maybe I should start a blog. Hehe!

      • Yes, of course continue. I’m trying not to get myself all mad a ranting about this load of crap too. I have many thoughts on this but will maintain… If I have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. 😉

  12. Amy, Keep posting. Although I don’t comment here as much as I once did, I do read. You know the tribe has got your back. Brush it off like a gnat or mosquito buzzing your ear. That’s about what one opinion or comment amounts to.

  13. Here is my experience over the years with the kind of internet troll you are dealing with. With them, there is no there, there. That is, they have no true insight, opinion, or valid argument. They exist only to attempt to elicit impassioned responses from those that do have strong beliefs. They feed off this. They derive some kind of pathetic satisfaction, as if they feel themselves somehow validated by making others notice them, even if the acknowledgement is negative. You can’t really engage in a logical argument with them, because they have no real argument to make, they will simply push your buttons until they get a response, or give up and try to feed off someone else. So don’t feed the little trolls; they’re not worth the effort. Continue on your path. Succeed and proceed as the world’s greatest basketball coach John Calipari says.

    • In my opinion, not medically substantiated, is you are dealing with a sociopath.
      noun: sociopath; plural noun: sociopaths

      a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

  14. Al Gore probably says that, too.

  15. Please keep blogging !

  16. To anyone who has never had a stroke: Doesn’t matter how much you progress, ANGER is always there. Having someone say, “Remember, life isn’t fair” can go jump!” Amy – it’s your blog. Write whatever you want and to hell with those that don’t like it!

  17. So, so, so much love to you, Amy. You bring me hope. You have been honest, fair, kind, empathetic, and loving toward myself and my family. I am so sorry all this has happened. It really is unfortunate. Thank you for being a hope bringer. If I hadn’t found this blog I wouldn’t know diddly squat about my husband’s injury and would feel stick and alone. Thank you for being my community and for embracing me into yours (even if I am a “normal”). 🙂

    • Luv ya Brooke, I think you’re the only “normal” that’s made it in. HAHA!

      Just kidding to all other caregivers – we welcome you and any comment and question you might have

  18. This is the power of their “negative thinking”. I’m guessing its not working out too well. Its really sad actually.

  19. What an ass! Whoever they are they need to shut the hell up. Keep posting and always be yourself. You have helped me considerably and for you I am much appreciative.

    “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those that mind don’t matter, and those that matter don’t mind”. – Dr. Seuss

  20. I read that the same person left comments on your blog and another person’s blog. Those comments led to you feeling bad and caused a second blogger to cry. If that person’s comments led you to question if you were “offensive” then I would reply “how offensive is it to go to multiple people’s blogs and leave comments that are hurtful?”
    Keep doing and saying how you feel. You don’t go to someone’s thoughts and introduce negative comments. Your objective is to be helpful. Don’t stop.

    • It’s his wife that did that. Apparently it’s ok for her to deliberately attack another person (on the computer, hiding behind the computer) and leave them devastated and crying for days but not for anyone else to express their opinions. Can I say PROJECTION??????????????

    • I think it’s of note that it happened to me on my birthday. JUST SAYIN’. Not that anyone knew. But I sure felt like dog dung and that added incident to injury.

  21. Amy – regarding yoga and the mainstream medical community – you may find this encouraging, coming from no less than the Mayo Clinic.

  22. Amy, From all of the feedback, I would say you need to keep on blogging! There is so much more of the positive:) So proud of you, Love Aunt Marilyn

  23. Amy – I’ve unsubscribed to this thread. Not because of you but because in the last 24 hours, I’ve also been verbally attacked online. I’m still subscribed to your blog.

    I am amazed at the way people act when they have a psychological wall protecting them (ie: a vehicle, a window, a blog!).

    Hang in there, and I’ll do the same 🙂

  24. Amy, can you block that person? From the very start, you’ve made no apologies for all the shit you’ve been thru. My 2 cents is F em if they can’t take a joke. If someone doesn’t like what you write, they don’t have to read it. I hope you don’t let them bully you and remember, you can hit the delete button if you can’t block them. Don’t take this shit personally and don’t stop being who you are.

  25. Amy, I am sorry that you are having to deal with this. You do NOT deserve. I have learned a lot from the wisdom you so generously share. Keep it up!

  26. amy: dont pay any attention to some of those who enjoy being mean…keep writing…

  27. Amy, if you’ve got them mad you MUST be on to something.Keep writing! I don’t comment much but I’m always checking in on what you have to say. Seriously yours was the blog I found after my PT discharged me, but I got a glimpse of the fight I needed to keep trying, so well done!

  28. Please keep up with the blog.

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