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In my last post, I said I was done referencing the personal attack made on MY blog by a physician.  A stroke survivor’s husband. E-mail me if you want to know what was said or if you want to know the name of the ARROGANT ARROGANT ARROGANT man who had the audacity to say it.  How sad that his extreme arrogance ruined for his wife what could’ve been a great friendship and a great support system.  Attacking me in this way and saying what he said most definitely goes very much against the Hippocratic oath.  I guess that I’m not over it because I want to address it again.  I don’t want to address it because it’s still making me angry or anything, I just want to clear something up just in case anyone who read that comment was affected by it which I absolutely do not think is the case, but still.  Then I’ll be done….I think.  I have since deleted the nasty comment and a few follow up comments in support of me, which I thank you dearly for, but having that on my blog was making me sick and I kept thinking about it so I had to delete it.  This is what I want to address…here is a direct quote from that comment…..

“You do not have any medical background, or medical doctoral degree to judge or educate patients or society on eastern OR western medicine.”

Ummmm, really?  Did you seriously say that to me? Seriously? Oh my God. Now, I’m pretty sure that this comment was made to personally insult me and me alone but my God, you want to piss off all therapists?  Done and done.  To the person that left that comment:  Do you not refer patients to physical therapy?   To say that I don’t have a right to educate people about medical things…..oh my God.  I more than have that right.  I would like to make it clear as I feel that I have many, many times that whatever I say on here is my opinion.  That’s why I have a disclaimer down at the bottom of this page.  That being said, mine is a highly, highly educated opinion.  It is one of personal, educational, AND professional experience so in my not so humble opinion, my opinions are worth a hell of a lot.  I have the title ‘Dr.’ in front of my name too, MR. K, you arrogant, arrogant prick.  This blog does not exist at all to make people get to know my personality, it’s a blog about recovering from a stroke.  So if I seem angry on here and different in person – SO WHAT??????  I have QUITE A BIT of medical training and QUITE A BIT of medical knowledge.  So that was absolutely ridiculous and absurd to say.  As was that entire comment.


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  1. My God what an arrogant asshole. I need absolutely NO medical background to determine what works or not in the stroke medical world. You look at results not guidelines or processes. How many stroke patients fully recover? 10%. That is a complete failure, that even an IQ of 75 would agree on. And I think I’m a bit smarter than that, I’m probably smarter than him even after my stroke.

  2. Sorry Amy, into my high dungeon here. If I ever do meet a neurologist defending their work I’ll probably be cited for disturbing the peace.

  3. Amy, I just read the comments, and I am so very sorry that you had to go through this bullshit. How ridiculous is it that you have to monitor your own comments for ass hats like this.

    We all have your back Amy. I’m sorry I wasn’t online that day to see the comment. I would’ve left that douche bag a piece of my mind. (Ex squeeze the French). 🙂 Eva

  4. He is the kind of arrogant doctor every nurse and therapist hates to work with and his patients pay the price without doubt… I had a few doctors that I would not work with for similar reasons…my hospital admin supported me on that because they knew I was the best of the MD even got kicked out of the hospital for that kind of *hit after i complained.) No matter what his education and actual skills are, his bad attitude earns him an F as a doctor. Its good to hear that you’re not so angry in real life either. This is a healthy place to vent, but carrying all that anger 24/7 couldn’t be healthy for anyone…is that what he was expecting/hoping for????

  5. Amy, please, please, let it go. The guy’s a big bore, and I really don’t want to hear/think about him any more. PS, I agree w Rudy.

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