Meditation and Chanting

Growing up, my sister was the one who was very much into all this stuff, all this Eastern stuff, not me at all.  Then I got a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and became a physical therapist/practitioner of Western Medicine and kind of thought I knew everything about everything and poo-poohed alternative stuff.  Although, as Dean pointed out a few posts ago, once there is research to support it, as there is a massive amount of evidence to support both meditation and chanting, it should no longer be considered alternative.  Very, very good point.  Why is it still considered alternative?  Who the hell knows?  I digress.  Like I said, growing up my sister was the one who was way into yoga stuff, not me at all.  Well, times have drastically changed.  Now I’m the one that has made this my lifestyle.  I meditate everyday and it makes me feel amazing and has helped rewire my brain.  My brain was a little damaged a few years ago.  Actually a lot damaged.  So – meditate, it changes the brain.

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7 replies

  1. If only I had a brain.

  2. Ohhhh, I just noticed, Do I get to call you doctor now? I have two friends with doctorates, I haven’t transitioned to calling them Dr. yet. Too many college hijinks to think they are ever going to be respectable.

  3. Very good stuff. I’m glad that you shared this. Mecitation has tons of scientific research that both you and Dean eluded to. How has your personal practice de keeps thus far?

    • It’s helped me so incredibly much, I don’t even know how to answer. It’s just helped so much, everything. I’m pretty sure I’d be dead if I hadn’t been doing it.

      • That’s awesome. Us survivors have so much to gain by practicing meditation on multiple levels, emotional, cognitively, and physically ( the brain actually physically changes as a result of meditating). Great post keep up the fantastic work.

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