Month: September 2014

Shut up

I forget a whole lot about those first 6 months after the stroke, it’s insanely blurry but last week I was reminded of something that even at the time when it happened I remember thinking that it was hilarious and… Read More ›


I told my mom to get a lumbar roll recently and told her to leave it in the car so it’s always there when she drives. I told her I’d make sure that it was positioned correctly and then she… Read More ›


I really can’t believe that I feel the need to say this stuff again but I do. I am still getting backlash from a few people who I used to be friends with and am not anymore.  I haven’t talked… Read More ›

Need a laugh?

Some absolutely absurd things happened to me last night of which I won’t go into detail, but ermahgerd absurd!  So this morning I need some laughs and thought you might too.  I’ve learned that there’s a reason I love this… Read More ›

Brain Aneurysm

A friend that I haven’t talked to in a while contacted me yesterday and told me this…….This friend of mine is a speech therapist, keep that in mind as I tell you this story. She told me that her cousin,… Read More ›

Low Back Pain

My mom had some low back pain recently, she did what I told her to do and she felt better.  I learned this after PT school, I learned to treat this way in my McKenzie courses. My mom said that… Read More ›

Instant Gratification

My brain has always worked a mile a minute and I was always someone who wanted instant gratification.  Then my brain got extremely knocked around and there was nothing instant about any gratification.  For the first 2 years, there was… Read More ›

Accessory Motion

I’m really starting to like this new job of mine reviewing charts.  It fits perfectly well with my introverted personality.  It also will give me a lot of ideas for blog posts because I’ll be seeing words that I haven’t… Read More ›