Accessory Motion

I’m really starting to like this new job of mine reviewing charts.  It fits perfectly well with my introverted personality.  It also will give me a lot of ideas for blog posts because I’ll be seeing words that I haven’t used in a while.  So it’s perfect for me too right now to get used to this stuff again.  I saw the term ‘accessory motion’ today and thought I’d write about it and explain what that means.  There is a range of motion that every joint in your body is able to go through actively.  To get more motion than you have, that’s where a physical therapist is useful.  I mean, we’re useful for something.  A PT would know how to take your joints through motions that you can’t do on your own.  Think of the knee.  Ok, straightening the leg is called extension of the knee.  What happens physiologically speaking when you straighten the leg is that your shin bone(tibia) glides forward on the thigh bone(femur).  You can’t just “glide your tibia anteriorly” by itself.  You would have to straighten your leg in order to do this.  But a PT can bend your knee, then push the tibia forward a little bit to help free up the motion that you can’t get to by yourself.  I wrote about joint mobilizations before.  That’s what a PT is doing when performing a mobilization on a joint, she’s using accessory motions.  After a stroke, some motions will most likely be limited so you should have someone take your joints through the ranges you can’t get to by yourself so the joints and muscles don’t freeze up and get real tight.

Written by Amy Shissler PT,DPT, Cert. MDT  <——That’s my full title.  My knowledge, education, experience, and background were questioned and criticized recently which is a very, very, very, very big deal to me especially taking into account what I’ve been through.  I just want anyone who lands on this blog looking for help to be confident in the fact that I know very, very,very well what the hell I’m talking about.  😛

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  1. That’s some alphabet soup after your name lady. I’m glad you are fitting so nicely into your new job.

  2. I would like the accessory motion of clapping my hands after a theater or music performance. Does one-handed clapping make a sound? Sorry about being off topic, my mind works that way.

  3. Thanks Dr. Amy!

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