Brain Aneurysm

A friend that I haven’t talked to in a while contacted me yesterday and told me this…….This friend of mine is a speech therapist, keep that in mind as I tell you this story.

She told me that her cousin, a 29 year-old woman who is married with a 2 year-old, had a rupture of a brain aneurysm and brain surgery a little over a month ago.  She wasn’t diagnosed as having had a stroke during surgery but who knows?  Very strange similarity here, my friend’s cousin is a physical therapist and is right now at the very same rehab hospital that I was at.  She was in the ICU for 5 weeks.  Jesus Christ.  She was not able to swallow for a long time and my friend told me that her treating inpatient speech therapists had given her no oral motor exercises for swallowing.  This angered my friend very much and she gave her cousin a bunch of exercises.  She did them with her parents all day and was able to eat the next day.  I was not allowed to have water for 2 weeks when I was in the hospital and was given zero oral motor exercises to help speed up the process of being able to eat solid food and drink water.  My friend asked me “Is there anything I can tell her parents she should be doing that the doctors haven’t told her?”  My answer: “ABSO-FREAKIN’-LUTELY YES!!!!!”  I told my friend that her cousin needs to start some kind of meditation practice ASAP.  While the most she can do is lay in bed right now, she can meditate and start working on the brain.  When my friend comes to Pittsburgh again to see her I’m going to go visit, if the girl is accepting visitors.  I sure as hell didn’t want visitors when I was like that so we’ll see.  No one asked me anything about visitors though.  As soon as I find a new meditation teacher that I like and trust and think would be appropriate for this I am going to ask if she will travel to the hospital and teach some stuff to my friend’s cousin.

I’ve had it.  I’m so fed up.  I’m just fed up.  Her therapists didn’t do what the hell they were supposed to do.  Nor did mine.  Every other day I hear a f’d up story like this.  I’ve just had it.

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  1. I really think we need to destroy the existing stroke world, they seem to be unteachable and couldn’t think their way out of an open paper bag. Hang in there kiddo.

  2. No surprise here. The care they gave you (or didn’t) is probably the same they’ll be doing 10 years from now. Pitiful.

  3. Ugh so sad!!! I hate that this happens all the time. As a mom to an almost 2 year old at my time of stroke, I totally relate…it sucks!!! All I wanted to do was get better so I could take care of my boy. I did, it just took way longer than I hoped.

    • I sure hope this girl makes a recovery like you did.

      • I hope so too! Its so hard to be a messed up mom. Kids change so fast and need so much. I felt like I missed so much and when its gone…its gone. Being strong enough to hold my son, was so hard and took so long. I hated it!! But it did motivate me to work crazy hard all the time through tears most of the time. I hope she does great and “quickly” too so she doesn’t miss much.

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