Need a laugh?

Some absolutely absurd things happened to me last night of which I won’t go into detail, but ermahgerd absurd!  So this morning I need some laughs and thought you might too.  I’ve learned that there’s a reason I love this kind of humor.  Larry David was on The Tonight Show last week and all he does is bitch and complain about stuff and it was hilarious.  He makes it so funny, I guess that’s why I love Grumpy Cat!

gc thinking negativity gc monday gc offended gc omg gc fitness


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  1. LOL How did you know I really needed one this morning?

  2. That ermagherd one? I don’t understand a word on it, but I bet it’s funny.

  3. Okay, that does it….lurker has to speak up here, because you almost made me fall out of my f-bomb-ing chair here……..and that could get scary with my stroke handicaps, you know? Please put a warning on your website! 😉 Seriously (HA!), I used to not get GC…..until I started lurking on your blog. Now anything could happen when I visit your blog. I could either end up in the ER (chair fall), or spray my computer screen with drink-of-the-moment……so I come here guarded, if I think of it. Again, put a warning up, please! 😉

  4. Amy, did you delete the blog after this one about Disclaimer? I was going to second it. The names you have mentioned were in a good light except for one case, but I won’t go stirring that pot again. You have mentioned your “friends” as just friends.

    I wouldn’t worry about it.

  5. You know you’ve become a celebrity when you are threatened with lawsuits.

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