I told my mom to get a lumbar roll recently and told her to leave it in the car so it’s always there when she drives. I told her I’d make sure that it was positioned correctly and then she was talking about someone else who has back pain and is going somewhere soon and she said “well they probably have great chairs there.” Here’s the thing people, if you don’t learn about good posture and use your own muscles to practice good posture you can sit in the most ergonomic and best posture enhancing chair that exists on the planet and it will HELP things but quite frankly it won’t really make a difference. An ergonomic chair is all well and good but just like with everything else you have to do it for yourself. Here, learn.
If you want to use a lumbar roll – you know how your low back has a little bit of an inward curve right above the tailbone? You want to put it there. You want to maintain that curve.

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  1. Yep, like most things, positioning is everything. That’s one of the first things I feel for when buying a car. If I have to I’ll buy one for it. The extra support on long drives makes it more comfortable.

  2. You really need to be a teacher/professor. Even I can understand what you’re saying and I never engaged or paid attention during classes. My bad. Although I am paying attention during the wine class I’m taking right now, that sometimes becomes difficult because we get 1 oz. servings of 6-8 wines during class.

    • You only get 1 oz? What are you learning about in the class? 1oz of 6-8 wines. 6-8 oz of wine would do me in. I’m an extreme lightweight.

      • I’m there to learn about the history and why certain grapes are grown and used. A bunch of friends roped me into the class to see if I can be taught a more proper way of referring to wine. They haven’t figured out yet that trying to change me invariably fails. I couldn’t care less about the snobbish way of trying to describe wine. To me there are only 2 questions to answer; would you drink this again? Would you buy this wine? Well there was the night we were drinking Chianti and after most of the crew left, 3 of us were still there.. We found two unopened bottles and polished them off in the next two hours. I’m incorrigible and invariably the last drinker around.

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