Barb’s Book

Barb, who had a stroke in the temporal and frontal lobes of the cerebrum 5 years ago, just published a book about her recovery process.  It’s about fighting to get back to be able to do the thing she loves most in the world when doctors told her it was hopeless.  I just ordered it here and you should all too.

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  1. Amy, thank you for helping me promote this. Let me add: I priced it very low ($5 Kindle and $8 softcover) so that everyone can afford it. PLUS it’s gorgeous.

  2. Jo, I Googled Dean’s nonsense and found that Danny Kaye is credited as the first to say, “get it…and so on” in a movie “The Court Jester.” Dean wasn’t calling YOU the jester, but was being obscure, which is why I have to Google his comments. I still haven’t tracked down the “doge” reference.

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