I want to warn you, keep reading and you’re going to get very angry.  If you choose to read the article that I’m going to link to, read it sitting down because your blood pressure will rise dramatically.  High blood pressure is a risk factor for stroke….so maybe don’t read this.  But read it.  Have you been curious as to why the abbreviation NFL now stands for National Felons’ League?  Well, here is why that is.  This is an article about how a doctor said that the brains of these players are really f’ed up because of the repeated blows to the head and how it was causing lifelong disabilities, and the NFL IGNORED IT.  Not only did they ignore it, but they tried to discredit this guy and his research and said it wasn’t so.  The NFL wanted their own doctors to make a statement and these NFL doctors IGNORED the truth and tried to say otherwise because they were getting PAID to say otherwise.  Because they were being paid to say otherwise.  Talk about a severe abuse of power.  Talk about not wanting to genuinely help anyone.  This is the overwhelming attitude of the majority of doctors that I have encountered after my illness.  I’m so f’ing sick of this culture.  This article is 5 years old but is really relevant right now because a movie is currently being filmed about this doctor.

Dr. Bennet Omalu

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  1. Ugh….total insanity and stupidity on the part of the parents that allow their kids to play football in this day and age. As a mom to two boys, I am surprised by how many parents do not feel the need to protect their kids from such a dangerous sport. I’ve heard many times already how I’m “depriving” them by not letting them play. My kids will grow up knowing that they will not play football….ever…or at least as long as I’m making the decisions 😉

  2. I guess its all about weighing up the risks and being aware of them. I don’t know much about NFL, as I’m from the UK, but my Grandad used to play Rugby for a well known local team when he was young. I don’t understand the specific risks with American Football, but Rugby is well known for being a dangerous sport, and as such my mum stopped me from playing it, as my grandad picked up some nasty injuries from his career.

    I wish she hadn’t stopped me playing, although I know she had my best interests at heart, but I always wonder what might have been.I think in these times, I’d be more worried about children who don’t play any sport at all, and stay in front of the computer all day, rather than get out and do something.

  3. Yes, I would agree that no sport is probably not a good thing. As a parent, my kids can play any sport except football, but it looks like my oldest son is most interested in music so far…we will see. He plays drums so far, but he’s young so things may change. I just know that we are looking to avoid preventable brain injuries.

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