I recently SERIOUSLY misjudged someone who I formerly had on a pedestal. I was lied to by this person and severely taken advantage of at a time when I was incredibly, incredibly vulnerable.  Shame on that person.  That person should be ashamed.  This person would be quite well aware of whom I am speaking so to that person if you ever read this, SHAME.ON.YOU.  You should be ashamed of the things you said and did to me.  When I figured everything out and came to the conclusion that in my opinion this person is extremely toxic, a complete hypocrite, fraud, and not at all what I had thought for quite some time, I was really embarrassed.  I was so embarrassed that I had previously spoken so highly of this person.  If someone speaks really highly of someone, like really really highly, like the way I used to speak of my former yoga teacher (a 150% narcissist) on this blog, be very cautious because the person saying those things might be being badly manipulated and brainwashed like I was. But I realized that this kind of thing happens to everyone.  So if it has happened to you and now you’re embarrassed about it, it’s all good.  😊  It happened to me, and it’s not the first time that it’s happened but hopefully will be the last.  Well, the next time that this kind of thing comes my way I’ll spot it from a mile away and won’t allow it into my life.  Live and learn.

If you plan to contact someone, particularly the person of whom I am speaking, that I formerly recommended on my blog and pay for their services, pay for help, please e-mail me first and I’ll tell you what happened to me which cannot happen to anyone else which is a severe, severe abuse of the power that this person thinks that she has.


Here is my review on Angie’s List of my former yoga teacher which I have referred some people to and am now very embarrassed about…….

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  1. We’ll I am incredibly embarrassed that I didn’t put you high enough on a pedestal for many years. You shouldn’t have had to have a stroke for me to realize how awesome you are. So I’m sorry!

    Love you 🙂

  2. Amy,
    We all have had people like that brush through our lives. Your only mistake was placing this person on a pedestal in the first place. I might think highly of some folks but their head is never higher than mine. They are equals They may know more things than me. They may have higher degrees than me. They might have more experience than me. But they are not better than me.

    I may not be right all the time. In fact I’m wrong about half the time. But I learn from those mistakes and become wiser because of them. You found out how dangerous the pedestal is. No human belongs there. We all have our faults and our moods. We are human. I don’t want to be higher than anyone else but will welcome you to walk along beside me on my journey.

    • I certainly learned my lesson. Never again will someone be placed on a pedestal or will I allow anything that someone says to me affect my feelings, never again. The second someone tells me that I owe them anything that person will be banished from my life. I have never asked anyone for anything and therefore don’t owe anyone anything so shame on anyone for thinking or telling me that I am indebted for anything.

  3. And I love the new fall color scheme on here! Very festive!

  4. That someone “owes” somebody else something means that whatever it was that was “given” came with strings, which is conditional, not unconditional, love. And we all know that if we have to do something to get someone’s love, that’s a negative thing. Plus, anyone who claims another owes them something in return for normal human behavior (parent to child, typically) is being manipulative by playing off guilt. What a sucky way to live!

    On the other hand, I like being trusting and open enough to adore someone who helps me. But I don’t HAVE to.

    • Well said. What’s even worse is that the person who I’m talking about who said some horrible things to me many times was not a friend or caregiver. It was person that I PAID for their services. For their help. That I paid for help. Jesus. What an entitled hypocrite. This person needs to find another profession stat. And this person had the nerve to call other people entitled. I just watched Dr. Phil and he said that entitlement is an epidemic that is ruining this country. Uhh, f yeah it is. I’ve certainly experienced my fair share. Entitlement is a sign of immaturity, she’s very immature.

    • By the way, I just got your book. I’m gonna start reading Monday. I’m going away this weekend.

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