Catch Phrase

I have written many, many times about how the transfer of thoughts in my head to words out of my mouth is all messed up.  My mind works light years faster than my mouth.  There is a HUGE disconnect there.  It’s not the same when I write and it never has been.  From day one, I could write coherently and express myself that way, not that anyone gave a damn what I had to say.  But when I tried to speak – not only was speaking physically taxing and my speech was all messed up but what I said was at times completely different from what was in my head.  It was never like that when I would write, well type, never.  If only I could write and didn’t have to rely on typing.
I was at a friend’s house this weekend and we were playing the game Catch Phrase.  Know what that is?  It’s a game where you’re given a word and you’re supposed to make your partner guess that word.  Before the stroke, I was a spitfire at games like this.  Now, not so much.  When it was my turn to guess the word, I had it in my head but it wouldn’t come out of my mouth.  When it was my turn to try to make my partner guess a word, again I had stuff to say in my head, but I couldn’t get it out of my mouth.  Every turn was timed and that did me in.  The pressure of a timer just totally made my attempts futile.  I highly recommend you do not play games with other people that are timed unless you know the people really, really well because you will NOT do well.




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  1. I used to win at Scrabble so often that my family always teased me about how the scorekeeper ( I was the fastest adder) always won. A week or so ago, I won the game, but totally screwed up the scores of the other 2 players. Oops!

  2. I used to really love playing catch phrase, now not so much but that is because passing around and turning on and off the disc doesn’t work so well one-handed.

  3. Catch phrase was a part of my ST at home program. We wouldn’t actually play the whole game. My therapist would just give me a stack of cards and say to take turns guessing and giving clues. I used to not like games at all, but we were playing all kinds of games for therapy. Blokus was kinda fun and helped with fine motor and cognitive spatial relations and other stuff. We had all kinds of memory games too because my memory was really wacked.

  4. I’m the same way – used to be great at those games. Throw a timer in the game, and I automatically start to mess up. Timers never work well with brain injuries. I am “dyslexic” with my words now – which drives me batty. “That girl is getting in the car” becomes “That car is getting in the girl.” I don’t realize I’m doing it – my husband gives me a hand signal that tells me I’ve done it, so that I can correct it.
    I also have to focus on one thing only. If I’m typing or writing at work, and someone starts talking to me, I have to stop typing or the words from my conversation will end up on the page, And I mix up alliterative words, too – like telephone and television, or wisdom and wizard. It’s all very frustrating to me. My husband and family think it is a cute part of my personality now. Whatever.
    I was just thinking about, right after I had the stroke, when I was in therapy, I used to cuss a lot. It’s like the filter was just gone. Every time I got frustrated with making progress, a nice line of cuss words would come out of my mouth. My therapists thought it was funny. Everything I thought would just come out of my mouth. It was kind of fun, in retrospect, but now I’m glad the filter is back. Everyone would be getting cursed a lot!

  5. Iused to love word and spelling games. Words were my livelihood. Now I can’t think of the right word or how to spell it. It totally sucks!

  6. I just read this to zack and he said that sometimes he finds himself unable to even think of anything and he has no idea why. He plays games like catch phrase, and other word clue games, at therapy all the time. He said that he just freezes up, his brain just won’t work right. He said it’s very frustrating.

    Recently, I asked him to write a letter to our old pastor to let him know that we would no longer be attending the church and I told him I would type it. He had a TERRIBLE time trying to make it coherent. It was very sad. He was a song writer/poet and an excellent all-around writer before. I really pray his song writing is something that he can recover. I think it would help him to feel productive and do something he loves to do.

    In a few weeks, we are going to a mystery dinner party. We are part of the mystery, so it requires a bit if acting or playing. I am interested to see how he will do. A little nervous.

    • For a long time Brooke it was like that for me. Freezing up is a good way to put it. I would “freeze up” inside. Now I don’t freeze up inside, everything works perfectly fine as far as my thinking is concerned, it’s getting it out of my mouth that’s the problem. I can imagine how frustrating that must be for him. I could always make things coherent through writing(typing) words.

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