Head Transplant

Whenever I get a bad headache, I tell my boyfriend that I’m gonna get a head transplant.  Apparently this is within the realm of possibility.  Could this be the key to stroke recovery?  Brand new heads?  It’s only 13 million dollars.

Read this…..

Head transplant

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  1. That clean cut would probably require the services of the Kaishakunin of the person committing seppuku.
    You’ve got historical records(movies) about them already.
    Doctor of Doom
    The Brain that Wouldn’t Die
    The Brain of Blood
    The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant
    The Thing With Two Heads
    The Brain That Wouldn’t Die
    The Head

  2. This would be a sick joke were it not for the thousands of sentient animals sacrificed to this and other morons’ insane idea.

  3. Amy,
    My first reactions to video…
    *Imagine the head communicating with a foreign body. Nerve impulses would greet each other, “We come in peace. Now do what I said.”
    *You would have to get whole new identification unless you went to Spain for the face transplant too. *Wondering if plastic surgery is included in the 13 mill.
    *My how inflation has hit the 6 million dollar man.

  4. This actually made me laugh! Mostly because I realized you had to Google ” head transplant”

  5. That made me laugh. My first day in rehab they asked me if I needed anything, I said “a head transplant”… I had no idea that existed.

  6. /id say its more like a body transplant for the mind that takes control.

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