Kundalini Yoga

The yoga I do has helped me tremendously, it was an incredible modality for me to use.  My first experience with it was with a bad teacher, one who was so bad it made me consider stopping it.  Now that it has been a while I’m back at it and have formed a new association of Kundalini in my head.  I found Kundalini Yoga through my own research, and for a long time learning Kundalini Yoga it was my research that would yield my lessons and my requests of things that were taught to me.  Then this was basically stolen from me and it was never admitted that I am the one who found these teachings through my research.  But I still think that this practice is amazing and meditation is a requirement for a brain injury.  So here are some ethical, reliable people….

I’m going to go through teacher training and become a Kundalini instructor myself someday…..

These people are a wonderful, wonderful couple.  They led the sound healing class that I recently went to.

Crown of Eternity

I had a few lessons here….she’s good…

Mookshi Wellness Center

Here is my review on Angie’s List of my former yoga teacher, which I have referred some people to and am now very embarrassed about as I’ve come to realize that( in my opinion) this person is very scary and very dangerous and I feel that she took severe advantage of me and warped my incredibly vulnerable brain for years, and doesn’t at all live by the major Eastern philosophy of giving help without expecting anything in return …….


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  1. Hi Amy. I think it would be great if you were able to become a Kundalini yoga instructor both for yourself and as inspiration for others who have had challenges!

    • I think so too, thanks! Kundalini is a wonderful, powerful thing when taught by someone who knows how to handle the responsibility that comes with helping people. My former teacher absolutely did not know how to handle this. She expected something, a lot in return and would tell you so. She was incredibly entitled and is an embarrassment to the Kundalini community.

  2. OT – Love the meteorites streaming across the page. They do need tails tho. Except I can’t get them to fall up.

  3. Would it be possible for you to hold group sessions for stroke survivors? You’d make no claims or promises, just enable us to do it.

  4. Supreme Meditation is a different path of Kundalini Yoga than what you have experienced so far. Although I have received Shaktipat initiation myself, I do not necessarily recommend it for others. Kundalini Yogi as taught by Yogi Bhajan builds your nervous system gradually. Shaktipat is like a live wire moving through your nervous system.

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