Someone the other day was doing some exercises and his quadriceps muscle got a really bad cramp in it.  So here’s what I did. I had him do this exercise.

I thought that might help because the exercise is to work out the quads.  So using and contracting the muscle would then force it to relax when the exercise is over which would relieve the cramp.  It helped.

But disclaimer: don’t take my advice, I have brain damage and probably don’t know what I’m talking about.

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  1. I I know this is going to sound bad and commercial but I get cramps regularly, as does my wife. We found an oil to alleviate the problem when we cramp. After putting the oil on the bottom of our feet it typically takes 30 seconds to two minutes for the pain to disappear. We were amazed! Now we sell the oil because we are so impressed with it. I mention it in my forthcoming book, Stroke Victor. Bob Mandell

  2. The guy deserved to be snake poop.

  3. I sometimes have really bad leg cramps at night – in both legs. The trigger is when I stand a lot during the day. Like a few days ago when I attended a holiday luncheon at work and there weren’t enough seats for everyone. That night I had to get up and walk around the bedroom several times until the cramping subsided.

  4. Yes, only since the stroke and both legs are affected by the cramps. Before the stroke I can’t remember having cramps, but I suppose I had some. Nothing like now, though. When I stand a lot during the day, I’ll take a couple of ibuprofen and drink some water before going to bed. That helps some.

  5. I have “cramps” at night too, but mine are only on my affected side. Usually in my calf but sometimes my arm, hand, and/or foot. One of my doctors told me it was spasticity….I’m not sure….but it is weird that it started after my stroke and is only on one side.

    • I have spasticity, too, on my affected side and it’s sort of similar to cramps, but occurs during the day with me. It’s especially bad around my shoulder. At night the spasticity subsides and the cramps, if they occur, are in my legs and feel like the traditional muscle cramps I had before the stroke.

      • I’m not sure….mine feel like cramps but it only happens on my affected side mostly at night. It can happen with overexertion too though. Doesn’t really matter which it is though because there’s no cure for either, right? It was really bad during my last pregnancy and my ob suggested magnesium. It didn’t really help and turns out I’m allergic to it anyway. I stretch before going to bed, but it doesn’t really help either.

        • No cure for either as far as I know. Baclofen might help, but I don’t take it. My strategy is to ignore both the spasticity and the cramps and go on with life as if everything is normal. Self-delusion I know, but when there is no cure, self delusion is allowed I tell myself. It’s cheaper than pursuing scam cures, anyway. Not saying that magnesium and potassium and other similar supplements are scams, more like fairy dust.

  6. Since having a cerebellar stroke I get bad cramps too – calves, feet, hands mainly. I do exactly that exercise of Amy’s and it works a treat. Also have 2 champagne corks ready – you squeeze one in each hand and the cramp goes. You have to drink the champagne with your friends first which is also good.

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