Gluteus Maximus

Happy New year.  Since 2014 has been called “the year of the rear,” I thought this was appropriate.  I think I’ve written about something like this before but here goes again….Yesterday I had a yoga lesson and was in the cobra position that looks like this (this is called a prone press up in the physical therapy world)….

So I was in the position and noticed that my butt was clenched.  So I internally rotated my hips.  Ok, here’s what that means and why I did that.

Part of the job of the gluteus maximus, the main butt muscle, is to externally(laterally) rotate the hips.  That means rotating your thigh outward which will point your toes outward.

If you do the opposite, the muscle will be shut off.  If a muscle can’t do all of its actions, it does none of its actions.  So internal(medial) rotation of the hips shuts off the gluteus maximus and since I purposely did the opposite action of what the gluteus maximus is supposed to do, my butt unclenched.  Muscles are very passive aggressive that way.

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5 replies

  1. If there was some way I could keep my hand flat there would be a bunch of yoga positions I could do. Ah well life goes on

  2. “The year of the rear’? please splain.

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