I have observed something recently that upset me so I thought I’d write about it.  I am working with a stroke survivor right now, this guy is a very accomplished man.  Very accomplished, very educated.  There are some aids that come at different times to help out with things and this upsets me……one of the aids totally and completely means well and thinks this behavior is being supportive and encouraging but this isn’t good.  This person literally cheers for him(my patient), like cheers him on and kind of talks to him like a child.  Don’t do that.  Oh my God don’t do that.  That’s extremely, extremely condescending and it made me go into a murderous rage when someone would talk to me like that.  Good thing back then I could barely move.  I know for some people they don’t know any better and it’s natural to do that.  I mean maybe, natural for some I guess.  Please, please make an effort not to talk to someone like that.  The outside is very changed and seems one way, but the inside is still there.  Treat the person just like you always did.  Don’t assume that the person must be talked to differently or isn’t understanding you.  Don’t assume that.  I’m pretty certain that anyone who assumed and said that about me – I’m thinking of specific people here – is seriously regretting it now.


Grumpy Cat – not a fan of strokes…….


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  1. Hmmm, not regretting being a cheerleader, if you meant me. I don’t talk any differently (childish) to people either, so it might not be me. What if it IS me? Oh bother! Now I’ve got a complex. Yes, I’m making fun of a serious topic.

    I encourage and praise efforts made all the time when people are struggling. I acknowledge efforts made with a true heart, but I do that with “normal” people too.

  2. Oh…geez…I do it too! 😦
    Its kinda my personality. I will encourage, but not in a condescending way…I don’t think it seems that way at least. In fact, my husband will ask me “where’s the cheerleader?” If I’m tired and kinda drab. I’m not in a cheering anyone or anything mood when I’m exhausted. But when I’m feeling good, I will encourage and celebrate everyone’s accomplishments… With a lot of enthusiasm.

  3. My current PT does this to me when I pick up
    a cone. Ugggghhhhhhh!!! I want to throw it at him.

  4. Reminds me of the sign with the middle aged 50’s woman commenting on it, Apparently ‘Stroke patients here’ doesn’t mean what I thought it did! It wouldn’t work with guys’ picture.

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