My therapist told me today that NPR is doing a fascinating series of shows this week about the cerebellum.  It obviously caught my attention.  Here it is.  I kinda always thought that the cerebellum only affected physical stuff, boy was I wrong.  Physically, the cerebellum ‘fine tunes’ movements.  Like the writing thing that I cannot do, my brain can’t control that fine motor movement enough to let me do that.  Bringing a fork or drink to my mouth with my right hand, can’t do it.  I don’t have the fine tuning of that movement anymore.

So since the cerebellum controls fine motor movements, it makes perfect sense that the cerebellum would also have a role in fine tuning emotions.  This I also lost.  Sometimes, I just can’t control my emotions or the way that I act.  I can’t put on the brakes to my emotions that I used to be able to do and that is socially acceptable.  I can fly off the handle at a moment’s notice, if the wrong thing is said to me.  And I hate it.  I would voluntarily amputate my “good” left arm if it meant that I never had to deal with these emotions anymore.  Unfortunately, until Pat came into my life, nobody except one friend of mine tried to understand this about me and very often things were said to me to make my anger much worse.  This has led me to cutting off communication with certain people because I just can’t keep banging my head against the wall trying to explain this and getting nowhere.  Talk about stress.  Meditation helps this greatly.  C’mon neurologists, seriously.  There is so much that neurologists should be recommending to patients that have loads and loads of research, Dean will tell you all about it.  But my big thing is meditation.  So, please docs, please pay attention to this research, please.

Meditation research articles

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  1. Yes. Right. Zack has the emotional stuff too. His inability to do those little movements also adds to the social awkwardness because things like nodding and head movements are difficult, so zack looks very robotic. And not being able to be quick on your feet to have conversation is obviously detrimental to relationships. It breaks my heart, but he has very little relationships with people, with friends like he used to. We still have a lot of people in our lives and I am thankful for that. But, I agree, I would give my right arm for Zack’s emotions to be “normal”. I miss him everyday even though I see him everyday. He is not the same. Thankfully, he doesn’t fully realize those changes, it is the physical that bothers him. I go back and forth with being glad and frustrated by it. You can’t fix what you don’t know is broke. But I am thankful for what we have. We will be together forever. Love that man.

    • Brooke is he walking yet?

      • He walks with the Walker and forearm crutches but not independently. I forget what the technical term is but he doesn’t need any help, he just needs someone to be there in case he loses his balance. It is getting better slowly but surely. He is starting to do
        A lot more independently but he is still super limited and relies on his wheel chair, handicap bars, and shower chair. Though he is using less and less. This summer I am gonna work his butt off and get him walking. Here’s hoping… We also plan to hire someone to come into the home, like a therapy facilitator, for three days a week 3-4 hours a day to literally just follow him around while he walks and push him in his workouts. He also still goes to therapy for three hours a day twice a week. Insurance is still paying!!! I almost can’t believe it. Pretty amazing.

  2. Amy, new post on my site just for you

  3. Amy, It’s no secret I have PBA because of my stroke. I too hate it. Meditation works.

  4. Thank you!
    It’s nice to see the cerebellum get some press.
    Do you know how many stories were planned?
    I’m hoping for more. 😉

  5. One of my fellow angioma peeps wrote a blog post about this long ago. She is a very changed person personality wise….and she hates it. Different than PBA… Like you said. Here’s the link…you might find it interesting: http://countdown2brainsurgery.blogspot.com/2011/11/cerebellar-cognitive-affective-syndrome.html?m=1

  6. post cerebelar stroke two yrs ago left me w nausea and tinnitus. 247. 12mm. disorieted. pllz i am in pain. not a moment of silence for two yrs and constant nausea.vomiting w ringing and ringing. plz help 3105670847 paula

  7. This blog is awesome ! Thank you . I had a stroke 17 months ago. It was in my cerebellum. My left side is affected, and I am left handed. I can walk with walker but not great with quad cane.

  8. I am a 24 year old rugby player. I collapsed at rugby training in New Zealand with extreme dizziness and nausea. I was rushed by ambulance to the ER and they did the relative scans. I had a cerebellar stroke and now in my second week of recovery. The physios seemed very hopeful as all my fine motor skills still work perfectly. However, I have been bed ridden for these two weeks. The physios come to my house to help me- but they have mostly got me to start doing dishes before I feel nausesous or my headache is too unbearable and I have to lie down again. Obviously, I am starting to feel my emotional side being affected as I cannot leave my room and dont see much, if any, improvement. Looking for some understanding of when most people start to have their symptoms improve. I would like to fly back to Chiropractic school in three weeks from today- but from many of the cases above and elsewhere it seems I wont be recovering for medical school for a long time.
    Thanks for your help

  9. Michael, you are very lucky (although you might not realize it yet) to have your fine motor skills intact. I was afflicted four years ago with a stroke in the basal ganglia area and I still have difficulty bending my knee, although I do have much more ability than even last year at this time. When I first had the attack, I was bedridden in the hospital for almost a month. It was boring and depressing, but with my music (mp3 player) and tablet, I got through it. To answer your question about when I started getting better, on my second day of rehab (4 weeks out), the therapists had me on my feet, walking very slowly with a hemi-walker and ankle brace. Do NOT give up hope. With a lot of hard work you can and will get better. When you are physically tired, imagine your afflicted body parts working better.

    • I may of been an accident waiting to happen. On May 17, 2017 I placed my head in a car window (rolled half way down) to look at a friend’s baby chicks. I then took my head out of the window and hit the top of my head. Pain for about 10 seconds. I went to bed at 9:00PM and at 11;00PM, I awoke with a horrid dream and everything seemed upside down. I wanted to twist and turn as I was cockeyed. Hubby called 911. They life lighted me to the Hermann Main hospital in the city. CT scan and later an MRI. I had a clot in the Cerebellum. I do not remember those 5 days. I do remember falling and hitting my head in a restroom. I had slipped on urine. I was alone. I got back to my bed by moving my body on my belly to the bed. I hated the place and wanted to come home. Hubby was not happy either. We got transferred to a rehab place. I had a nice room and rehab from three young ladies. Ok…Just ok. Food was ok…just ok. Saw a PA…not a doctor. Ok…Just ok. Nothing to write home about. My balance was gone. I wanted to come home. 3 1/2 weeks, I was home. Called for Home Health PT. Was placed on Warafin. Blood monitored every Monday. Like 2 of the three PT Home Health Ladies, well. Given walker and wheelchair. Bought shower stool and walker tray and a picker-upper. Door taken off potty room. Safety Bars in stalled. Family brings meals and visit for 30 minutes. They do chores. I sleep a lot. I cannot walk anywhere without walker. I will tumble. I will lose balance on the right side. I get dizzy in different positions. My head has never stopped hurting. Saw a Cardio and Neurologist in late June. Nothing to write home about or get excited about. It was like Oh Hum!~! Come back in 30 days. Oh Hum! Take Neurontin. Neurontin was like M & M’s. I take TYLENOL 500mg x 2 a day. Neuro said I would be well in SIX weeks. It is NOW six weeks. No better. Question: I want the truth. Will I get better? I want another MRI and I will pay for it but I just get the look. Having problems with swallowing. Throat gets horse. My heart goes out to all stroke victims. We need answers and honesty. God Bless Us!~! xoxo

  10. I am a 64 year old male. A little over two years ago, I had two strokes one month apart. The cognitive part of my brain seems to be relatively fine. I’m a writer and thankfully I can still write. The bad part is I have lost vision in the right side of both eyes, which will probably never return. But the bigger problem for me is I have constant vertigo. The more I move or the more crowded a room is, the worse it seems to be. I get around fairly well, but my orientation is never good, and it gets worse the more I move my head. I have lost my balance but a few times because I’m careful and I’ve never fallen. I no longer need to use a cane, although it’s helpful to let people around me know that I’m not the most stable. It does seem to get a tiny bit better everyday and I’m certainly much better than I was two years ago. I used to be a fair athlete and I even hit a few golf balls occasionally, though I’m still dizzy standing over the ball. Still, I believe I’m luckier than most. However, can you give me any advice or insight into when this vertigo might subside.

    • Hi Dennis! The best I can tell you is that it won’t ever be worse than it is right now. You said it’s a lot better than 2 years ago. In another 2 years it will be even better. I can’t say when it will go away completely. 7 years later for me, I still get dizzy on occasion but it’s NOTHING like it used to be.

      • Thanks, I appreciate your comments. Seven years doesn’t sound great, but I guess whatever it takes for this vertigo to go away. The dizziness seems to be a tiny bit better today and I’m going to hit golf balls tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes. I seem to take two steps forward and one step back, but at least I’m going forward… and onward.

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