I just spoke with a stroke survivor’s brother. This person sought me out and asked for my help and my advice. My advice was that for starters his sister needs to get into an intensive rehab program and begin a practice of daily meditation. This information was then given to his doctor who advised this family completely the opposite of my advice and said an intensive rehab program would be a waste of money.

Ok. Ok. Deep breaths. Who do you think you are you arrogant AHHHHHHHHH to advise your patient to NOT do what I advised?  Who do you think you are?  I am the one who had a massive stroke and recovered amazingly well,  NOT YOU.

It is so unbelievably, incredibly frustrating doing what I do for a job, having been through what I’ve been through, knowing what I know and feeling as if no one listens to me. The right people aren’t listening anyway. This doctor obviously doesn’t have her patient’s best interests at heart. As mine did not either. According to multiple doctors of mine, my recovery was going to end at around 2 years and my life was pretty much over. I was written off.

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  1. Western medicine has a hard time believing that some of the effects can be mind over mater. I think most of the problems that I suffer from my stroke are mental issue and I can almost bet that meditation would help me focus. My mind gets the better of me many days my clearest days are my worst because i feel like they are calms before the storm.

    Don’t be upset but understand not everyone has the same view points as you. It makes me cringe when people try holistic approaches to cure cancer and Dr’s are saying “what the heck is wrong with you” I sit there and can only use my education to say wow you are putting your life in the hands of unproven science.

    Everyone has their beliefs and background to their statements the Dr should not say that though, focusing on yourself can’t ever hurt but combine that with his advice to make sure you are covering all your bases.

    • Caspan…..are you a physician? If so, then unfortunately I don’t think this is the blog for you. The fact that meditation is not part of mainstream Western medicine and is still considered an alternative treatment is BS. There are thousands upon thousands of research articles proving its benefits. Meditation is proven science.

  2. You don’t have to tell us twice that physicians pretty much suck. It is rare to find the Dr.’s that care. Unfortunately, it is not so rare to have a stroke so we are losing this battle.

    I have an odd, somewhat unrelated question. When you sleep, do you dream? And if you do dream, have you ever dreamed of yourself with the stroke? Last night, I dreamed that I was interviewing to be a dental hygienist and I was trying to figure out how to get through the interview without showing them that my right hand didn’t work. I think it’s the first time that I’ve dreamed of myself with the effects of the stroke and it was kind of upsetting. Usually, I’m stroke-free in dream-land so I hope this “dreaming with the stroke” doesn’t continue…

    • I do dream, and that has happened to me. The same kind of thing, I was doing something at work and trying to figure out how to do it with my messed up right arm. I was upset by that dream too.

  3. Sounds like y’all need to find better physicians. I’m three days shy of my first stroke anniversary and my neurologist still listens and approves whatever I think I need to continue recovering. She’ll also do her own research instead of taking some rep’s word for it.

    Hmm, holistic medicine is unproven science??? For thousands of years it was the only medical treatment.that worked. Big pharma has just streamlined it to put their chemicals in our bodies.

  4. Ah, doctors. That doctor really should be reported to the state medical association for practicing medicine without a brain. This fucker is practicing the nocebo effect with a vengeance. The brother should ream the doctor out, asking for how many of the doctors’ patients fully recovered. Then ask why the % is so bad. And with that say that the doctor will not get paid until results are proven. Don’t get me started

  5. I have to say something (because I always have to): I consider my medical team to be advisors whom I use as resources. I ask them for information, and I ask them to enable what I’ve decided I want (electronic leg brace, Botox, etc.). There’s only one (the best OT in the world) I’ve asked, “what should I do to recover?” In addition to routine exercises (which I consider close-to-worthless), she said, “mirror therapy.” So I did mirror therapy. Obsessively. Still can’t open my hand, although it is relaxed much of the time.
    IIt’s crazy to take advice along the lines of, ” you are never going to recover fully, but here’s a method that’s scientifically proven to NOT work for most people.”

    • That’s great. I wish everyone used their medical team as a resource for info. But most people do not. The vast majority of people in this country will just stop listening after a physician says something like the above and not go elsewhere for information.

  6. Amy, I am 5 years post stroke – brain hemorhage and continue to recover very slowly. I have worked continuously since the stroke at complex work; Writing content for my luxury employer’s Facebook page and now I operate a modest manufacturng business which was badly hurt in the recession. We’ve turned it around and its profitable now and provides a living for 20 employees. During my initial recovery phase my physiatrist told me that my left hand and arm would not improve and to accept it and live with it. I don’t believe him and I expect to continue to improve. I live with a nonfunctioning hand and arm now because I must. My arm and hand were very painful and spastic. The spasticity is now gone and so is the pain. I have sensation but still no movement…mybe he was right, but i prefer to think I am

  7. A THERAPIST once told me the same thing, about the 3-month window to improve as soon as I had the stroke. It isn’t only doctors….

    • Oh God no I know. It’s not only doctors for sure. But people believe doctors way more than therapists and take their word as gold. In my experience anyway.

  8. yep it certainly is frustrating Amy! But I tell you what – your blog is SUCH a relief to people like me, surviving a cerebellar stroke nearly 3 years ago. It was ages before I could find anyone else with the ministry of silly walks, the infuriating lack of coordination whenever I get tired etc. All I have done is work things out that work and do them. Your idea of working on going on tiptoe was so difficult but I have really found it helps. So… a huge thank you for all the benefits you bring, even if it isn’t appreciated by the other professionals!

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