I’ve gotten a few shiatsu massages.  I used to think that my former yoga teacher was the most intuitive person that I had ever met until I realized that I was badly manipulated and brainwashed for a few years.  And I finally realized that it wasn’t her intuition that helped me so much, it was my own intuition which she was trying to take credit for.

The woman who I go to for these massages, she is by far the most intuitive person that I have ever met.  And she is the real deal, she has no agenda whatsoever other than to help me.  She is very happy to be working with me and helping me.  I am amazed by the things she has told me, about myself, that I’m working on(that I never told her).  It’s very difficult just from looking at me and having a 15-minute conversation with me to tell that I’m dealing with SOOOOOO much.  My last few posts have very much leaned towards Eastern medicine rather than Western, hmm.  😦

I feel wonderful when I finish these therapeutic massages and am very much at peace the rest of the day.  I very much hope that this is a cumulative effect as meditation was for me.


For the naysayers…’s a crapload of research about shiatsu…………………..

Shiatsu massage research

Shiatsu massage research

Shiatsu massage research

Shiatsu massage research

Shiatsu massage research

Shiatsu massage research

Shiatsu massage research

Shiatsu massage research

Shiatsu massage research

One more


gc massage

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  1. Please keep up the posts on Eastern Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine’s natural approach far outshines Western’s synthetic approach to well being & health.

    • There are bad Western practitioners and there are bad Eastern practitioners. Some people are genuinely trying to help you without expecting anything in return, others are not – Eastern too, and in my experience, worse. My former Kundalini Yoga teacher who I took private lessons from for 2.5 years and unfortunately referred other people to eventually took severe advantage of me after helping me so incredibly much. She was supposed to do absolutely nothing but help me. She was such an enormous hypocrite (in my experience and opinion) and my experience became so devastating that it made me SERIOUSLY second guess the ways of Eastern Medicine for a while. It’s wrong to say that anyone is control of you or your health, only you are in control of you. It usually takes people a long time to figure this out though, taking a Western physician’s advice alone without doing your own research is most definitely the wrong way to go. There must be a combination of Eastern and Western.

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