Sleeping Posture

Ever wake up with a really sore back?  Or do you wake up like that every morning?  Has anyone ever asked you if your mattress is saggy?  I’ve been treating someone who has a tendency to fall asleep in his recliner at night and just stay there all night.  This is bad.  His friend was there when my patient was talking about this and the friend said “when you wake up in the morning all your muscles are all in weird positions.” 

The reason you would feel pain in your back after sleeping in a recliner or on a saggy mattress actually has very little to do with your muscles, it’s what you’re doing to your spine, putting your spine in those bad positions at night.  When your mattress is real saggy, you sleep all night and your spine looks like this.

Or the third picture in this chart halfway down the page,but you want it to look like the top picture here…..

So you might wanna think about getting a new mattress if you always wake up with back pain.  I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll have back pain in the morning if you sleep in a recliner, unless you’re relatively young.

So if you sleep like this all night (click me)….which is how my patient sleeps with no regard whatsoever to posture or ergonomics, you’re gonna wake up with back pain.  You spend 8 hours like that all scrunched up and your spine all flexed, that’s terrible for your back and will cause pain in the morning.  So don’t do that.

Of course, there are always exceptions and there always will be reasons you’re told to sleep a different way or in a recliner or whatever, but for the average Joe, these scenarios should be temporary and you should take my advice given above.

But I had a stroke so don’t take my advice.

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7 replies

  1. Is it better to sleep on your side, back, or stomach?

  2. That’s interesting that it’s individual specific.

    • Yeah, everything about the spine is individual specific. That’s why when I see handouts in my doctor’s office or like at a yoga studio that say “Exercises for back pain” it makes me cringe. Do those exercises just because your back hurts without having it evaluated and you could be making it worse.

  3. We just bought a super expensive, brand new mattress and it is SAGGY. I am BEYOND disappointed. Uggggh. It is pillow top so you can’t flip it over either. I suppose you could…. But still. Lame. Buying a mattress is such a huge commitment.

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