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I’m getting married next month to the most wonderful man who ever existed on the planet.  He might not be real.  He is an empath, he is the funniest human being ever, and he is the most brilliant man I have ever met.  We’re not having a wedding, just going downtown and getting married because we want to be married.  When you have a stroke, man do I know the emptiness, loneliness, intense fear, suicidal thoughts and feelings, people not understanding anything and not trying to understand, and hundreds of other bad feelings.  But good things (can) happen after you get through Hell.  I’m not saying they will, but they can.

So, I’m going to stop blogging for now, possibly forever.  I’m going to go live my life as best as I can.  And I need to try to get to a place of inner peace.  The anger that I have is eating me up inside.  It comes and goes, but when it comes it is incredibly intense.  Barring my therapist who is unbelievably wonderful and also might not be real, Western Medicine has done little to nothing to help me with this.  I believe the way out of this is meditation.  At least an hour of it everyday.  And eventually, hopefully, I will feel ok all the time.  I will never delete the blog because I happen to think it’s chock full of a ton of great information all in one place.  And if anyone ever has any questions, feel free to email me.  I’m here to help.

So this is Dr. Amy signing off, for now…….

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  1. Congratulations Amy, that’s AbsoFrigginLutely Wonderful!!! Very happy for you and your soon to be husband.

    As for meditation, here’s a youtube link of videos and mediations from Thích Nhất Hạnh. Wishing you all the best and a great deal of progress in taming that anger.‎

    Thank you very much for all that you’ve done for so many of us,

  2. Wonderful, wonderful. After having a stroke, it’s hard to believe sometimes (especially at first, that your plans of life in the future weren’t just blown out of the water, never to be.

    Congratulations on finding Patrick.

    Sorry to lose your blog – I have always found it very helpful.

  3. Amy, I am sooo happy for you! UncleGreg

  4. Amy, This is wonderful news !! While I will miss reading your blog, I too, have tried to get through the day without allowing the stroke to own me. You were a tremendous help to me and my family since my cerebellar stroke in July 2012. Take care and enjoy your life.
    Clairese Russell

  5. Congratulations and all happiness to you Amy, and our thanks for having shared all those difficult 4 years with us. And I for one hope that we WILL hear from you again one of these days.

  6. Congratulations Dr. Amy. I’ll miss your wit and insights.

  7. Amy, congrats, I hope you find your happiness and inner peace…maybe awhile down the line you can pop back on the blog for a quick post….I will miss reading you blog meanwhile.

  8. Congratulations Amy, I have really looked forward to your blog/advice, cheers, Kevin from down under !!!!!

  9. Amy, so proud of you, and so very happy for you!😊 Love, Aunt Marilyn

  10. We will miss you! You have been of great help! I am glad you are beginning a new life.
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    The Hasbun’s from El Salvador

  11. Congratulations! You’ll be missed.

  12. Congratulations Amy, that’s awesome news!

    Thank you for your years of open honesty. You have been more than helpful in my recovery. I hope you find the peace you seek and more than deserve. Best wishes

  13. Hi Amy. I’m quite certain I’ve never been more proud to be your Aunt. From day one you were special and beautiful. And Then I saw another side of you. Strong and brilliant. Well I always knew you were brilliant! I wish you and Patrick years of love, laughter and happiness. So happy for you. And thank you so much for all your help. Love you❤️ Aunt Judi.

  14. Congratulations! Blessing to you always! I still want to meet my medical and life twin, you are my mirror in many ways. 🐢

  15. Get out there and have fun.

  16. congratulation Amy. you deserve to be happy. thank you for being our voice in the wilderness. your blog has helped to explain many of the things that i have experienced since my stroke. thank you.

  17. Congratulations!!! So happy for you but will miss ur updates on ur blog! I think that getting away from as much negativity as possible will be good for your anger. And most of this stroke crap brings up negative memories. When I made a deliberate choice to drop all the negative things in my life, I noticed a huge difference in my peacefulness. Best wishes, and happily ever after!!! 🙂 thanks for all the fun over the years and for introducing me to grumpy cat.

  18. Congratulations Amy! I am so glad you have found such a wonderful person to share your life. I wish you much happiness and peace. I am right there with you in finding that meditation is the way to keep going and I find it makes all the difference in coping with those ups and downs.

    I am going to miss reading your blog but wish you well. I have learned a lot from you.

    Linda in Winnipeg

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