Walking Bike

I want this both for myself and my future therapy gym.

From Dean.

walking bike for stroke rehabilitation

Massive amounts of therapy available in one intervention.
Upper limb extension.
Hand grasping.
Sensation – Wind blowing over skin.
So why doesn’t your stroke department have this?

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8 replies

  1. But what is the release form going to say?
    Possible broken neck or back
    Possible death
    Possible skinned knees
    Possible sprained wrists
    Possible shouts of pure joy, beware of having too much fun that you will have to call your relatives to pick you up because you didn’t want to turn around.

  2. I can see the appeal but just watching that video was enough to make me dizzy. (Vertigo style).

    That is a whole other problem I have visually. Can’t play any on line games or look or down easily either.

    Just cause I can’t look at it doesn’t mean I couldn’t ride it someday in your future gym!

    • But you gave such wonderful advice on my last blog entry, you said….

      “The fact is that movements that make you feel awful are just what you have to do over and over and over and there is very gradual improvement that you can hardly notice. Then one day you realize that you just did something that would have had you collapsing in the past. ”

      So maybe the walking bike needs to just come equipped with a puke bag like they have for you on airplanes. All you’re doing is sitting on an airplane, Pfftt,amateurs. We know how to puke from just sitting in a non-moving chair. JUST SITTING THERE.

      • Absolutely! installed puke bag holder and training wheels. ta da!! In the early days my physio’s shoes were on the receiving end of ummm some of my therapy outcomes. .. more than once. She needed to come with puke bags too. 🙂

  3. I am not able to access the Facebook video. Was curious what is a “walking bike”. I have balance deficits. I had stroke ten years ago.

  4. I think this device for walking will bring all the many benefits. This way you can spend more time in the open air and improve your health.

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