Seasonal Affective Disorder

Someone left a comment on my relocation post that said what I’m doing (moving to Florida) in order to treat the intense Seasonal Affective Disorder that I experience will be no more than a placebo effect if it works.  Nope, this couldn’t be more wrong.  It made me angry and upset that this was said because mental health issues are largely ignored and not taken seriously in this world.  There is a ton of published research about the benefits of moving to a different climate when you suffer from this.  Wanna read some?  Here ya go….











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  1. I have no words for their ignorance and insensitivity!

  2. I hope this was not comment I made Amy as it was ment with the greatest of intent, not to insult. I have been to therapy for a long time and there are many different reasons why we feel better. This is how just talking about something can make use feel better! I in no way think that your mental condition is not real or that seasonal depression happens and moving to a location where seasons don’t change can help a lot with this. But even just making a change can also help is all I ment by my comment! Sorry if I offended.

    • It was and now that it is better explained, I understand the comment’s intent better now, I just took it the wrong way. I have a tendency to get really angry about little things then get defensive. I can’t seem to control it no matter how hard I try or how much work I do on myself. Another reason I just want to move far away, leave everything behind, and start over living near s beach with my husband and my animals.

  3. Ah the stupidity of commenters. Go and get better, you deserve it.

  4. Don’t listen to what people say. You know what is best for you.
    Love you!
    Aunt MJ

  5. Sometimes people prefer the comfort of opinion over the discomfort of thought – JFK

  6. I moved to Florida 10 years ago from Central NY and couldn’t agree with you more!!

  7. I have worked in mental health for 27 years. DEFINATELY not a placebo. In many ways its a treatment and much better than life shortening meds. Go Amy! I would love to move to a cooler climate as heat rocks my symptoms….considering your leap of faith as inspiring!

  8. I actually had an MD TELL me that I needed to move based on the severity of my depression and the cyclical nature of it (horrible in October – February.) If it’s a placebo, it is a damn good one. 10 years in Florida does wonders for your attitude 🙂

    Plus I’ve got some other medicine down here for you that will help. They’re a little intense at times, but they are thrilled to know “Amy and Patrick are coming home!!!!”

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