I can’t wait to move…….

Received this email yesterday, enjoy.


“Hello Amy,


My name is ———– and I’m the Director of Communications at —— Hospital. I saw your post on life after a stroke. It’s great to see you’re already publishing content informing your readers about the importance of health and wellness, and I wanted to pass along some information that I think you will find useful.
I would be happy to send along a stroke resource guide we recently created called ———. As you know, it’s important the general public is informed about the signs of a stroke and how to act fast. I hope you find it to be valuable and will share it with your readers!
Please let me know if you have any questions and if you would like to see our ———– graphic.


Director of Communications

———- Hospital”



Hi ———,


While I appreciate you reaching out, a much better way to teach the public about strokes instead of this generic information is to ask actual stroke survivors that have been through this hell for their advice. 
I’m shocked that I’m a medical professional, have this awesome blog and have not once been e-mailed and asked for my perspective on things or advice. I’m just shocked. I’ve only been contacted by organizations wishing to advance their own agenda, as in your request. It’s not to help people. It’s to further your own agenda. “






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  1. Great response! Personally, I did not have any of the FAST warnings.

    • I did. And I was taken to a hospital very, very F.A.S.T. Did the hospital(s) that then treated me do a GD thing to save me from some disability before it was too late? No, no they did not.

      • I was rushed to the hospital with mental confusion,face paralysis, blood pressure of 189/119. The doctor in the emergency room said I had Bell’s palsy. I kept insisting it was a stroke. The released me without proper testing. The next day my doc sent me for an MRI. It was a stroke and too late to give me the proper medication. 😡

  2. Better than my responses. ‘This is my personal blog, I only produce my own content’. I also have never been contacted by any medical professional, of course I am rather intimidating


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  4. I had vomiting and vertigo. They did take me to the hospital where a CAT scan showed nothing. After 24+ hours, I had an MRI and emergency surgery to remove half of my cerebellum. I have no memory of even going to the hospital. That was 5 years ago.

    • 6 years ago I collapsed 5 minutes after I got to work, I had vomited everywhere, couldn’t see straight, didn’t know which way was up, then passed out. And they determined that I was drunk in the ER.

  5. Does anyone have a pay, non-certified positions, in the NW suburbs of Chicago, for me helping stroke survivors?

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