Buying a house in another far-off state at the same time as selling your current one is a hell-ish process and I don’t recommend it.  Unless you’re like me and you’re absolutely suffocating in your current location and need to live somewhere else for the sake of your mental health – then I highly recommend it.  I thought that having a stroke, being in the hospital for a month, and having your entire life turned upside-down and inside-out was the closest that I would ever get to HELL-ON-EARTH.  Ummm, yeah it was.  This whole house buying/selling process has been like a vacation compared to that.  This has been great.  I’m sure my husband would agree.

So anyway,  we’re done tomorrow.  The house in Florida is ours now and we close on our Pittsburgh house tomorrow.  Then we’re done with all this crap.  When we drive back to Florida on Monday, we’ll just be driving home.  To our house.  There will be no uncertainty, anxiety, stopping at a hotel in West Virginia in order to print out and fax documents.  No panicky phone calls and e-mails, we actually get to enjoy this road trip.  Either the person that sold us the house or the selling realtor sucks.  I’m not sure where to place blame, but one of them sucks bigtime.

The closing of our house required signing A LOT of paperwork.  A LOT.  Not being able to write is one of the most devastating things for me about being alive, so that was fun.  We got a Power of Attorney drawn up so that Pat could legally sign everything on my behalf.  When we went to apply for a mortgage is when I became aware that this would be necessary.  There was a ton of paperwork to sign then too.  And I had to sign everything myself.  We didn’t have the POA yet and the guy had to witness me signing.  So, I had no choice.  He kept saying to me “it doesn’t matter what your signature looks like.”  Thanks for trying to make me feel better dude but that’s not at all the problem.  The problem and what makes me so upset is not the illegibility of my hand-writing.  It’s the physical act of putting my right arm/hand in the writing position.  That very act makes me cry.  Placing my arm in that position sets off a series of events inside of me that ultimately ends up with me in tears. Good thing that medical records have pretty much all gone electronic.  There are a ton of people who hate this and complain about it, but I sure as heck am thankful for it.  I certainly wouldn’t be able to do this job if it involved any writing.

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  1. Congratulations on the new home! So happy for you.

    I rent out my childhood home that I inherited from my dad. I think I should sell it but get so overwhelmed that I am about to rent it again. I just came from talking to a company about replacing windows. Just so overwhelming to me. I still pretty much fried in terms of numbers and math so the guy could be telling me anything. Sigh

  2. Welcome to Florida!

  3. I am so glad you have the tough stuff behind you with the house stuff. Now the fun stuff can start. You can start to put you house together. Oh my gosh, can I relate! I haven’t had to close on a house, but all the new doctors want you to fill out all those medical forms. My stroke effected my right side and of course I’m VERY right handed. I practice and practice to get my signature back. It’s almost there, sometimes. But I have tremors as well as the lack of small motor skills. I get so frustrated when I have to write. I feel like the stroke has robbed me of so much of myself and some one that hasn’t been through it just can not understand it. But for my not only was my writing taken away so was “my” voice. I can talk but the voice that comes out of MY mouth is not my own. It sounds different and is so weird to hear it in my head.

  4. I hate writing checks. stroke changed handwriting so terribly. Very glad your housing problems are going to be over soon, Amy!

  5. Amy my husband understands your feelings since he is going through the same thing.
    Good Luck,
    Luis and Dora

  6. Amy honey congrats on the new home in FL. I know this is something you’ve been looking forward to for a long time! Awful that you had to deal with all of that crap with the closing and paperwork. Geez I’m sorry. Stress had to be horrible. I do like that it will be a nice road trip back as you said. All paperwork hopefully behind you and a wonderful new home to look forward to. I love you honey and am so hoping that the sun shines on you forever and a day!❤️ And of course Pat, Kitty and Cassie too.

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