Climate change makes a hell of a difference. That is, moving to a warmer climate. For me, personally. I’ve lived in Florida for two months and I realized yesterday that I haven’t had a migraine since about the first week that I was here. I’ve had threats here and there and have had small headaches, but I haven’t had a full-blown 3-day attack replete with vomiting and being totally out of commission. This was a twice a month occurrence, at least, up north.

I’m gonna go bang on some wood for a while.

I’m walking better, my balance is better. I’m sure no one else notices this but I’m speaking better and more clearly. It’s not as much of a struggle to get certain words out. The power of susnshine is not to be underestimated.  Vitamin D supplements don’t cut it, I tried. Fake light from light boxes doesn’t cut it, I tried. I tried everything. I moved down here mostly for the mental benefits because I could no longer live in the dreary, dark, cloudy, rainy hell that is PA. (I’m sorry if you live in and like Pennsylvania but I absolutely hate it). I didn’t expect an effect on some of my physical limitations this soon. I thought stuff would be helped eventually, but not this soon.

My husband is not thrilled about living in Florida. This place certainly has some crazies living here, but it’s been 2 months and I’m in a little bit of shock how good it’s been for me and my health. And we have yet to experience a winter here and the beautiful, gorgeous weather. I could do without all the mosquitoes, though.


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  1. That just helped me decide. I was on the fence about taking the stroller out on this sunny day and now I definitely will. ALWAYS WORKING ON RECOVERING!

  2. How wonderful!! I’m sorry Pat’s not as thrilled as you. Maybe you could try using “eccentric” instead of “crazy.” Personally, I like eccentric people.

    I hope the weather keeps you happily recovering.

  3. As the late Gilda Radner said, “It’s always something.” Weather included! Best wishes for your continued improvement.

  4. I just came back from a holiday in FL (St. Augustine) and the heat stressed me out even more. But rain also stresses me out, just like the cold in winter in Holland.

    • This extreme heat and humidity is for the birds. I don’t know of anyone to say they enjoy being in this weather. It’s really uncomfortable. My BFF put it to me like this – up north there were 3 or 4 months out of the year that I didn’t want to go outside. Same thing here. Only here, it’s gorgeous weather the rest of the time and the reason for me not wanting to go outside for 3 months doesn’t make me suicidal.

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