Climate change makes a hell of a difference. That is, moving to a warmer climate. For me, personally. I’ve lived in Florida for two months and I realized yesterday that I haven’t had a migraine since about the first week that I was here. I’ve had threats here and there and have had small headaches, but I haven’t had a full-blown 3-day attack replete with vomiting and being totally out of commission. This was a twice a month occurrence, at least, up north.

I’m gonna go bang on some wood for a while.

I’m walking better, my balance is better. I’m sure no one else notices this but I’m speaking better and more clearly. It’s not as much of a struggle to get certain words out. The power of susnshine is not to be underestimated.  Vitamin D supplements don’t cut it, I tried. Fake light from light boxes doesn’t cut it, I tried. I tried everything. I moved down here mostly for the mental benefits because I could no longer live in the dreary, dark, cloudy, rainy hell that is PA. (I’m sorry if you live in and like Pennsylvania but I absolutely hate it). I didn’t expect an effect on some of my physical limitations this soon. I thought stuff would be helped eventually, but not this soon.

My husband is not thrilled about living in Florida. This place certainly has some crazies living here, but it’s been 2 months and I’m in a little bit of shock how good it’s been for me and my health. And we have yet to experience a winter here and the beautiful, gorgeous weather. I could do without all the mosquitoes, though.


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  1. That just helped me decide. I was on the fence about taking the stroller out on this sunny day and now I definitely will. ALWAYS WORKING ON RECOVERING!

  2. How wonderful!! I’m sorry Pat’s not as thrilled as you. Maybe you could try using “eccentric” instead of “crazy.” Personally, I like eccentric people.

    I hope the weather keeps you happily recovering.

  3. As the late Gilda Radner said, “It’s always something.” Weather included! Best wishes for your continued improvement.

  4. I just came back from a holiday in FL (St. Augustine) and the heat stressed me out even more. But rain also stresses me out, just like the cold in winter in Holland.

    • This extreme heat and humidity is for the birds. I don’t know of anyone to say they enjoy being in this weather. It’s really uncomfortable. My BFF put it to me like this – up north there were 3 or 4 months out of the year that I didn’t want to go outside. Same thing here. Only here, it’s gorgeous weather the rest of the time and the reason for me not wanting to go outside for 3 months doesn’t make me suicidal.

  5. Well, going to Pittsburgh to see the Andy Warhol museum again, then off to NYC, Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Retirement is so fucking cool. Luckily SAD doesn’t affect me.

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