This blog of mine has over 450 followers and I really hope that someone who reads this has or knows someone who has decision-making powers at a restaurant/café/coffee shop, what have you.  This whole push for straws to be used less at restaurants is great.  It’s great.  I’m all for the environment and reducing my carbon footprint.  My husband would tell you otherwise but I really am.  I love this planet.  I’m just not a big fan of living on it.

Back to the topic – straws.  Not having straws available to your customers is discrimination against disabled people.  There was a time in my life not so long ago that I could not drink a beverage without a straw and a tight lid due to the severe tremor which occurs mostly in my dominant hand, but small tremors also happen at times when using my non-dominant hand.  There are people living in this world who CANNOT drink independently without using a straw.  If you are an establishment that chooses to stop handing out straws with drinks unless asked for, good for you.  If you don’t have straws available to your customers if asked for, THAT’S DISCRIMINATION.

A new coffee shop I recently found which I love has a sign that says #nostraws or something.  They’ll be receiving a letter from me.

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  1. AMEN! I understand the purpose, and it’s great if an establishment wants to stop giving them out. HOWEVER, with the sensory issues that my son has, he struggles without them. Kids need to stay hydrated in Florida, so to make it extra difficult for him to drink is very irritating. I’m actually going to start carrying them with me in my purse, so you’re covered 😉

  2. Amy in 2012 at the age of 50 I had a massive Brain stem stroke that included a cerebellar infarction and damage to my circle of willis. I was in perfect health and a Sr. director of a fortune 500 company. I remember having to learn to swallow again and while I was blessed to regain a part of the control of my body back it is still like I am trapped in my own body. To combat the “Straw” Issue and cup issue… I can drop or crush a cup – too much pressure – too little pressure… collapse a straw while trying to drink from it… enter hard plastic / stainless steel with lids and hard plastic / stainless steel straws. Yetti – Bubba mug – Tervis as well as the knock-off brands they all work for me… keep it cold or hot… keep me from spilling it… and allow me to drink and not wear it…

    I always try and find what works best for me and take that with me. That way there is not an issue of a straw or cup being too flimsy – wrong material – not available – sorry we are out….. I have what I need – I have what I know that works best – I have what I am comfortable with.

    A BIGGER ISSUE THAT NEEDS TO STOP: people using handicapped parking when they are not handicapped or just sitting in their car on their phone in a handicapped space waiting on someone. I’m even talking about people who don’t even have a tag or placard (or it expired 3 years ago).

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