It’s not your fault, don’t let other people make you feel bad and if they do, rid them from your life.

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  1. This quote is so true!

    There were (and still are) so many times when I did explain to my surrounding explicitly why I wasn’t able to constantly to perform at peak anymore, only to find many not to believe me, because I could articulate myself well.
    Especially when it comes down to the general energy-level which is unseen people deem one to be a lazy imposter, so some even threw stones in my way – either passively by not helping or actively by accusing me.

    At times I caught myself starting to wish them the same fate,
    so that they would learn it for themselves what it means to be disabled.
    Fortunately my knowledge that life in the long run will teach everyone their lesson does save me from such thoughts, because I can relax again, lean back and leave the boomerang of justice up to the universe.

    Meanwhile I work on myself and go by the motto that the best revenge is to lead a good life,
    because I guess all that counts in the end is the own inner happiness and fulfilment,
    and no one can take away the sense of achievement of having overcome major obstacles.

    • I too have caught myself wishing the same fate on others, then feeling awful about it. This is why I keep coming back to SCK, so I can just get to a place of inner peace and not hate everyone around me and feel so angry all the damn time.

      Curious – have you ever heard of the Spoon Theory?

      • No, I didn’t but did look it up by now. Thanks, very interesting!
        It is unorthodox that they measure energy by the spoons, but good that there is such a theory out there at least to lean onto, when trying to convey such issues to healthy people.

        Not having had energy without ends was a big life-changer for me, because as a youngster I (and I think we all ) did waste a lot of it, because it so easily was replenished.

        To declare myself as sick and in need to rest, instantly brought on an entire avalanche of further tiredness, because it allowed me to change my attitude from running on adrenaline energy (which I was running on nearly always) to true tranquil energy which is something very unusual in our frantic society in which it is difficult to convey a slowing down.

        Also having had cerebral haemorrhages did incapacitate me for a while to speak which in turn did trigger a ton of self-reflection, because for each sentence I had to contemplate whether it was necessary to be said – my ego often wanted to intervene, but my higher self knew that most words were waste, so I learned to change from being extreme extrovert to becoming more self-reflected.

        Because my ability to play saxophone very fast was taken overnight I stopped playing music,
        but all in all this was great, because I started to focus on a deeper meaning in life and to contemplate a lot – something I would never like to miss anymore.

        Ah, and the slowing down actually did speed up me letting go of my desire to stay young forever (at least partially) and guided me away from hyperactive excitements towards the realm of wisdom,
        something most people just learn with old age.

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