Natural Stress Relief


Natural Stress Relief

Meditation rules.

Affordable, better alternative to TM with incredible support and no religious, mystical mumbo jumbo. Learn how to transcend. I finally found emotional relief in life. Thought I had before, I hadn’t.


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5 replies

  1. glad you are back.

    • Hi Dean!! I’m not back back. I just wanted to post this to give this guy some publicity. Probably won’t help but wanted to post the website.

      How are you??

  2. Dear Amy,
    i hope you are getting better (regardless how slow the progress is) and also hope that you get my message here.

    First there is this incredible testimony of a brain-scientist who herself had a stroke which did catapult her for a short while into the realm beyond cognitive reason – something which usually only is experienced by long-term meditators who get enlightened:

    And then there is this very interesting interview with a very intelligent woman, who proposed that motivation is a key to growing intellectually.
    She made a beautiful example of a stroke-recoverer, not only giving all us stroke-folks hope,
    but also putting emphasis what we all would be capable of if we would apply with the same determination we only utilise when it is necessary:

    If you love her, you can simply replay that video, because I did forward it for you to the time when she mentions the stroke recoverer.

    Maybe you want to write a post on it to inspire your readers.
    with love

  3. A few days ago I posted two inspiring videos especially for you and your readers, Amy,
    but because the comment contained two links it was deleted as spam.

    Maybe you have a few more interesting comments are lying in your spam-folder
    – could be worth checking.

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