Function ≠ Recovery

It’s been about a year since my last post on here so I thought it time for another. I needed a mental health social media break, blog included. I would love to go completely unplugged for a while but that’s not a possibility with my job.

As anyone that has had a stroke is well aware, function does not equal recovery. 8 years later, I CAN do most functions. I mean, I can.  The quality of them is terrible but I can do ’em. I am fully capable of taking care of myself.  I can shower, brush my teeth, use the bathroom, go for a walk, drive a car, work a highly skilled and intricate job. I can do it all, ok except carrying a glass of water from the kitchen to the couch, can’t do that.

Like I was saying, I CAN do most things, I just don’t want to most of the time because it’s physically taxing to do those things and they make me so tired. Speaking too.  Just the act of speaking is tiresome and hard for me and it doesn’t matter how many other people tell me that I sound fine.  So until our stroke experts which is an oxymoron find a way to heal the brain and get it to full recovery, I’m going to do my part.

I can’t count the number of times over the years that I have been told that I should try to monetize this website or write a book. Countless. So I’ve decided to finally try it out and see what happens. I realized that I am in an insanely unique position with quite a unique experience/education.

I’ve given out so much of my knowledge over the years when people would ask for it as to what exercises would help this or that…..might as well try to make some money on it especially with my ultimate goal of working for myself someday. This is a start.  And it always felt good when someone would tell me that the advice or exercises that I gave them helped in some way.

So, if you are absolutely sick of going to doctors, as I am, but have a specific (or non-specific) part of the body that you’d like to get stronger or improve a function of something, ask me!

Now there is a payment button on the right of my website where I will design a custom exercise program for you if you wish. Like I said, it’s a start.

Oh and I plan to be back at regular blogging again. It was a great stress reliever for me personally years ago and tons of other people told me it was great for them, too. Hi Dean and Barb. 😊

Me and my husband have been bouncing around new names for this – my favorite right now is the play on words ‘The Stroke Depot.’

You like?  I would love some suggestions!

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  1. Miss you Amy. Countless friends have suggested I monetize my blog, write eBooks. But I just set up annuities to provide enough income for the rest of my life. Not feeling much urge to put everything together in book form. I do enjoy being a complete bastard in my blog. And my fun in life is too important to restrict it by making a job out of my stroke knowledge.

    • Hi Dean, miss you too! Sorry I was MIA for a while there. Had to do it, my mental health took a real downturn, as well as my migraines. I don’t know if I’ll have the energy to actually put in the work to monetize this but we’ll see. I’m learning about it. One step at a time. I certainly have much to offer, as do you. Perhaps you and I can do a collaboration of monetizing our respective blogs if you ever wanted to try, I don’t know. There’s more research on your blog regarding stroke than anywhere else on the web. Just a thought. 🙂 Everyone, check it out.

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