Frozen Garden

I just wanted to share something that has helped me so much. Frozen Garden.

I had major problems with digestion. I know as a stroke survivor, digestion can be affected for multiple reasons. The stroke itself might affect the nerves in the digestive area, being less active, medications. These can all lead to bad things and making you feel like crap. No pun intended.

These green smoothies have helped me so much. So much. In my previous life, I laughed off the whole ‘green drink‘ thing. But OMG. Drinking one of these every day or every few days has helped SO much. I found them randomly in a small grocery store near my house and can’t believe they are not in more stores. All you need is a blender and water. They’re wonderful and delicious and I love them so much. I’ve sent packages of them as presents to several people.

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  1. I know I’m late to the game (what’s new lol) I had no idea that having a stroke can affect your digestion. Silly me I know a stroke can affect every part of your body, why did I not ever think of the gut?
    Wait! Wait! why hasn’t anyone ever said this to me? Ive seen at least 7 MD, 2 gastroenterologist and not one said a peep..
    I’ve had to be my own investigator. I just finish reading ”The plant paradox” book. I feel 1000x better. I thought I was eating super super healthy, apparently not 💁🏻

    • Yeah, doctors sure don’t tell you a lot. Slowed mobility in the are and just being more sedentary is going to affect it. Not to mention the signals from the brain to the gut is messed up.

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