My husband and I binge watch lots of shows. Lots. Recently, we watched ‘The Crown.’ There were a few strokes in there. Now, we’re watching ‘Succession’. First episode, the father has a stroke.  I had on some stupid sitcom the other night where the main character’s mother had a stroke and she was sitting upright in her bed just gabbing away.

I just love how in TV shows and movies after someone has a stroke, their speech is always just fine and they always seem to fully recover within a short time frame. Too terrifying and traumatizing to depict the real horror show of actually having one and surviving it. The most disabling thing I’ve ever seen on a screen depicting someone having a stroke is walking with a cane.  Hashtag Ok, TV.

Because it’s so f****** easy to recover from a stroke. It doesn’t destroy your life or anything. Oh wait, at the end of my beloved show ‘Dexter,’ sister Deb had a stroke and was pronounced brain-dead. That’s more like it.

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  1. It does seem to come up in shows a lot doesn’t it. Maybe it always has and just now, of course, I notice it. My wife always gives me a nervous glance to see if it bothers me.
    Better call Saul did a fairly involved plot line of the slow recovery of Hector Salamanca from a stroke. Not all that accurate, but better than most.

  2. Every stroke is different. Not necessarily wrong how it was depicted on TV. I could walk and talk a few weeks after but used to cover up that I was missing a lot of vocabulary (mostly nouns). My injuries were/are invisible and it’s almost 3 years now and I’m still not in a position to go back to work. I couldn’t do simple math (that has improved) but many deficits still remain.

    An outsider may not see anything wrong, They also don’t see how much I sleep after a “good day”. I have tons of alarms and strategies that I rely on for memory. I second guess lots of things I do, so everything takes longer as I go over everything for accuracy. My vision, hearing, taste was impaired, plus the crazy “crawling headaches”. The stroke also made me an epileptic which I take a ton of meds for.
    My seizures are also life threatening.

    My stroke wasn’t “light”. It was very serious and a large area of two lobes were affected. I think we shouldn’t judge others by what we can see. I wouldn’t have understood that until it happened to me.

    • I didn’t get blessed with seizures afterward. From what I’ve read and heard they sound absolutely terrifying. I’m sorry for that.

      • Just wanted to say “Thanks Amy” for your posts. I’ve learned a lot from the different topics you cover. 😊 I’m going to check out those different shows. One of my conditions was in a Grey’s Anatomy episode. My neurologist wasn’t McDreamy, but that’s okay. A nurse had promised to point out the local McDreamy Neuro, but I slept through it when he was around. Too bad!

  3. I hate the most when a someone points out weird behavior on a comedy by saying, “Did you have a stroke or something?” Feels hurtful with my sweet hubby sitting right there next to me. NOTHING is funny about that.

  4. Some director should make a movie based on my book, The Tales of a Stroke Patient. I tell it like it REALLY is! Recovery sucks and discharge sucks more. No directions are forthcoming. The discharge person says, in essence, “Bye! Have a good life!”

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