I remember that years ago, someone had left a comment on my blog asking me if I had ever heard of Earthing. I hadn’t. And I also didn’t read about it or research it. At the time, it sounded like hogwash to me.

I so wish I had learned about it then. Earthing means coming into contact with the Earth with your bare skin. It’s basically walking around barefoot outside. There are studies done about this which I hope you’ll read. The effect has to do with the earth’s negative electrical charge neutralizing our body’s positive charge. I hope I explained that correctly.

In 25 years of trying to find something that will help to relieve my depression and anxiety, I’ve finally found it. When I’m having a bad day or in a really crappy mood, which happens…..ummmm quite frequently, I know that going outside and gardening or walking around barefoot, digging my bare hands into soil will make me feel better. Never fails.

2 years ago, I was CONVINCED that the answer to my depression issues was that I needed more sun and to move to a sunnier climate. This was because of an experience I had during my honeymoon. We went to the Bahamas in December and I left for that trip feeling pretty bad. I was shocked at how good I felt at the end of that week and a half. I was seriously amazed. That’s when I made up my mind that I needed to move to Florida. Yeah, that didn’t quite work for me.

I thought it was solely due to the sun. I thought being in bright sunshine for 10 days was the cause for my dramatic shift in mood. Now I know that the reason I felt so much better had nothing to do with the sky. It was the other direction. I felt so much better due to spending a few hours everyday in the sand and saltwater.

Even today in 40 degree weather I went outside to get some earthing time in and played in the soil (with bare hands) picking weeds. I’ve finally found something that I know will make me feel better, and not just while I’m doing it. The effect lasts all day. It’s pretty amazing and I hope you give it a try.

Have a look at these studies and consider reading this book.

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  1. Hi Amy! It’s unc Greg, I read about this in the summertime. I tried it. In my back yard and I felt good.I don’t know if it was because I wanted, but whatever it was.,I’ll take anything to help me feel good! Merry Christmas!

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  2. I’ve always felt good when working in my garden and I knew about grounding but never put the two together. Thank you, Amy!

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