My First eBook

As promised, here is eBook #1. This one has to do with all things gait. Everything I’ve talked about on this blog regarding issues with walking are in this book – and exercises that may help to make it better.

Hopefully, all of this information will help someone. I created a new page at the top of the blog called ‘ebooks‘ where you can always buy it there . But you can also buy it right here in this post!


After purchase you will receive an email containing instructions on how to view the publication.

Table of Contents….

Cover Page
Part1: “Up with the Good, Down with the Bad”
Part 1a: continued
Part1b : Exercises to strengthen your legs for stairs
Part 2: Canes
Part 2a: Using canes correctly
Part 2b: Using canes on steps
Part 3: Foot Drop
Part 3a: Foot Drop explained
Part 3b: Exercises to help Foot Drop
Part 4: Circumduction
Part 4a: Circumduction explained
Part 4b: Hip exercises for Circumduction
Part 4b: Hamstring/Knee exercises for Circumduction
Part 5: Trendelenburg Gait
Part 5a: Trendelenburg explained
Part 5b: Exercises to help with Trendelenburg
Part 6 – Glutes
Part 6a : Glute exercises you can do at home
Part 6b: Advanced Glute exercises
Part 7: Gravity
Part 8: Quads
Part 8b: Exercises for the quadriceps
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7 replies

  1. Congrats on your accomplishment. That’s awesome! 🙂

  2. Thank you for doing this. If this would have been available 13 years ago I would have recovered. But no, I get to be disabled for half my life.

    • You’re welcome. Shoulders next.

    • Who is to say that a recovery only can happen straight after a stroke or accident?
      You underestimate your own dormant healing power!

      • He’s not saying it can ONLY happen right after , but a lot more can. And the time between then and now could’ve made a huge difference with this knowledge.

        • Fair enough – I guess the most positive attitude is to say: “better late than never”.

          And about your book: Your compilation sounds very comprehensive !
          and if also write an addendum or second part about the mental aspects which help, like all the meditation and law of attraction-techniques you know,
          you would literally be one of the few who tangle such a complex issue from both sides.

          The nations who also practice Eastern Medicine have a quite pragmatic approach to it,
          and call it: “Walking on both legs”.
          They literally have two hospitals next to each other – one for Western and one for Chinese Medicine – and refer patients back and forth, depending which medicine seems to them most appropriate.

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