My First eBook

As promised, here is eBook #1. This one has to do with all things gait. Everything I’ve talked about on this blog regarding issues with walking are in this book – and exercises that may help to make it better.Hopefully, all of this information will help someone.


I created a new page at the top of the blog called ‘ebooks‘ where you can always find it there .

Table of Contents….

Cover Page
Part1: “Up with the Good, Down with the Bad”
Part 1a: continued
Part1b : Exercises to strengthen your legs for stairs
Part 2: Canes
Part 2a: Using canes correctly
Part 2b: Using canes on steps
Part 3: Foot Drop
Part 3a: Foot Drop explained
Part 3b: Exercises to help Foot Drop
Part 4: Circumduction
Part 4a: Circumduction explained
Part 4b: Hip exercises for Circumduction
Part 4b: Hamstring/Knee exercises for Circumduction
Part 5: Trendelenburg Gait
Part 5a: Trendelenburg explained
Part 5b: Exercises to help with Trendelenburg
Part 6 – Glutes
Part 6a : Glute exercises you can do at home
Part 6b: Advanced Glute exercises
Part 7: Gravity
Part 8: Quads
Part 8b: Exercises for the quadriceps
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8 replies

  1. Congrats on your accomplishment. That’s awesome! 🙂

  2. Thank you for doing this. If this would have been available 13 years ago I would have recovered. But no, I get to be disabled for half my life.

    • You’re welcome. Shoulders next.

    • Who is to say that a recovery only can happen straight after a stroke or accident?
      You underestimate your own dormant healing power!

      • He’s not saying it can ONLY happen right after , but a lot more can. And the time between then and now could’ve made a huge difference with this knowledge.

        • Fair enough – I guess the most positive attitude is to say: “better late than never”.

          And about your book: Your compilation sounds very comprehensive !
          and if also write an addendum or second part about the mental aspects which help, like all the meditation and law of attraction-techniques you know,
          you would literally be one of the few who tangle such a complex issue from both sides.

          The nations who also practice Eastern Medicine have a quite pragmatic approach to it,
          and call it: “Walking on both legs”.
          They literally have two hospitals next to each other – one for Western and one for Chinese Medicine – and refer patients back and forth, depending which medicine seems to them most appropriate.

  3. how di i access your e books

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