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  1. Hello

    Nice guidelines

    Initial stages of getting back balance are too difficult

    Any easier way to get steady on feet

    I have been trying all that you have suggested

    Not tried foot behind foot,sounds very difficult

    Warm wishes

    Ravindra deshmukh

  2. hi amy

    read a bit here, esp on the KY. I am in NY state and may get her dvd since there are no KY teachers here near me. thank you for sharing.

    sat nam

  3. I love the monks’ book, “how to be your dog’s best friend,” but didn’t apply it to my current brat. I always loved the concept that they should sleep in your bedroom because it gives them 8 hours (on the floor) with the person they adore the most. our current brat sleeps IN BED with us; because he was bred as a bedwarmer, my husband insists it’s only right.

  4. Hi Amy, I am a cerebellum/occipital stroke survivor and an admin for the FB group Young Stroke Survivors. Thanks for having us up as a link. Are you a group member? I couldn’t find your name when searched. Would love to invite you to join us. Would be great for sending some traffic to you blog. we have many members with cerebellum strokes.

    • Hi Elizabeth! No, I’m not a member. I wasn’t using FB for the last couple of years but just started to again a few weeks ago so I’ll join your group. 🙂

  5. On behalf of all the therapist who aided me in my recovery may I thank you on all the hard work and dedication you put into your job. I thank them all even for make me do the finger ladder; their care made a difference. Thanks M

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