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When I started this blog in 2012 I thought my life was over and I said in this ‘About Me’ section that “I used to be a physical therapist.” Now, I’m back to work as a physical therapist with an ENTIRELY different perspective and treatment methods.

I had a massive stroke at the age of 30. It’s a lot more common for a young person to have a stroke than anyone thinks. I could’ve taken a continuing education course about strokes but I decided to have one instead. I’m getting a much better education this way.

  • What are YOUR Goals in Therapy?

    I’m going to write a post here for all the inpatient therapists that might stumble across this page.  My advice – GET RID of the question “What are your goals?”.  Before I had my stroke, I was a physical therapist… Read More ›

  • Ataxia

    When there is a problem with the cerebellum, along with an intention tremor you also may have ataxia.  I have very ataxic movement.  Ataxia means a problem with coordination.  Every time I was evaluated by a doctor, one thing they… Read More ›

  • Headaches

    I always had migraines my whole life.  I know what head pain feels like.  Weird thing is I didn’t get a headache when I was having a stroke.  Usually, a really bad headache accompanies a stroke.  After the stroke, I… Read More ›

  • Napping

    I always LOVED to nap.  I’m known for my napping skills.  After the stroke, I took napping to a whole new level.  I slept A LOT.  My body just wanted to be asleep.  I would have occupational therapy at 1:00… Read More ›

  • Warning Signs/Risk Factors for Stroke

    I had no warning signs, none.  This happened to me out of the blue one morning.  I felt absolutely fine the days/weeks/months prior to my stroke.  One morning I just collapsed.  I kinda knew at the time I was having… Read More ›