After a stroke, your muscles will most likely move synergistically.  You’ll have synergistic movement.  Synergistic movement means multiple muscles will move at the same time.  Sometimes, this is a normal thing.  Not after a stroke.  When something happens to the… Read More ›

S to Z Ratios

I do something in speech therapy called S to Z ratios.  I was told it really works the diaphragm.  If you know anything about me or have been reading this blog, you’ll know I’m all about the diaphragm!  🙂  This… Read More ›

Knee Extensors (Quadriceps)

Fellow stroke survivor/blogger Dean has a post about knee extensors.  Well this relates to my last post so I’ll write about it.  The knee extensors are the quadriceps.  Knee extension means the leg straightens.  The quads are the big muscles on the… Read More ›


I get to talk about whatever I want on my blog!  So this post has more of an orthopedic lean but is beneficial for everyone so stroke survivors listen up!  I am obsessed with posture. I have a friend that… Read More ›

Egg Separator

After a stroke, one side of your body is probably pretty crappy.  It doesn’t do what you want it to do.  In my case, I have an intention tremor which means that at the end of a movement, I start… Read More ›