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After a stroke, one side of your body is probably pretty crappy.  It doesn’t do what you want it to do.  In my case, I have an intention tremor which means that at the end of a movement, I start… Read More ›


I use melatonin supplements frequently.  Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone made by the pineal gland that helps with regulating sleep patterns.  They do help me fall asleep.  I was told to use melatonin by my PCP.  Now, I certainly… Read More ›


I’m blogging from the sky right now.  I’m going to Florida for a week to visit a friend.  This is my first flight since my stroke.  So far, so good.  I got to board before everyone else because of my… Read More ›


After I had my stroke, I was scared of everything.  Every sensation that I had anywhere in my body freaked me out.  If I felt something weird in my head or neck area, that would terrify me.  I got a… Read More ›