The Stroke Recovery Blog

I love this blog.  If you’re a stroke survivor reading my blog, you should be reading this blog… every post.  Peter G. Levine you rock!  Stroke Recovery


It is said that after a stroke proximal movement recovers before distal movement.  Proximal means “closer to the midline,” closer to the body.  Distal means further away.  So, your shoulder should recover before your hand.  This was true for me…. Read More ›


On Tuesday, I saw the guy who saved my life, no those aren’t the right words.  He prevented me from dying.  I had only seen him twice before.  I had an appointment with my neurosurgeon on Tuesday – a follow… Read More ›

Dog Walking

Last night I took my dog for a walk all by myself for the first time since my stroke.  I cried.  I love my dog.