I had my stroke on March 7, 2011.  For the first few months, I would say 4 months, I didn’t understand the severity of what had happened to me.  I was just in hell.  I cannot be held responsible for… Read More ›

Do It Yourself

My friend just hired a personal trainer to help him lose weight and it spawned an idea for a blog post.  I always told my patients that it’s a heck of a lot more important what you do at home… Read More ›

My Right Hand

After I had my stroke, I couldn’t do a lot of things.  Stupid little things that you wouldn’t even think about but I couldn’t do them.  One thing is cracking my knuckles.  I was always a big knuckle cracker.  When… Read More ›

More About My Gait

I’ll say it again….I was very, very ,very lucky in that I could walk shortly after I stroked. Some people can’t walk for a long, long time – or ever. So whenever I walk, downward slopes are MUCH harder. This… Read More ›

Speech Therapy

Today in speech therapy I had a laryngeal stroboscopy.  This is where they stick a camera on the end of a tube and stick it in your mouth to look at your vocal cords.  The goal of this is to… Read More ›