Table of Contents

Cover Page
Part1: “Up with the Good, Down with the Bad”
Part 1a: continued
Part1b : Exercises to strengthen your legs for stairs
Part 2: Canes
Part 2a: Using canes correctly
Part 2b: Using canes on steps
Part 3: Foot Drop
Part 3a: Foot Drop explained
Part 3b: Exercises to help Foot Drop
Part 4: Circumduction
Part 4a: Circumduction explained
Part 4b: Hip exercises for Circumduction
Part 4b: Hamstring/Knee exercises for Circumduction
Part 5: Trendelenburg Gait
Part 5a: Trendelenburg explained
Part 5b: Exercises to help with Trendelenburg
Part 6 – Glutes
Part 6a : Glute exercises you can do at home
Part 6b: Advanced Glute exercises
Part 7: Gravity
Part 8: Quads
Part 8b: Exercises for the quadriceps
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