Center of gravity

Lean Forward

It’s hard to get up from a couch sometimes. Especially a really big, soft, cushion-y one. Sometimes, I have to adjust a bunch of times in order to stand up from a couch. Doing the following will make that activity… Read More ›

Base of Support

The definition of balance is keeping your center of mass(COM) over your base of support(BOS).  If your center of mass goes outside the base of support, you fall.  Manipulating the COM/BOS is how therapists move people.  Ok, so in standing,… Read More ›


I was at OT today and saw something really upsetting.  A guy was pushing an old woman in a wheelchair and came upon a little curb.  Not a full curb, just a little one.  So the guy didn’t re-adjust the… Read More ›

Weight Shifts

I was in occupational therapy today and there was this girl in there.  My OT made her do her entire hour of exercises standing up.  Why did she do that?  Because this girl has a hard time being on her feet. … Read More ›


I got a whole lot of good feedback about my post entitled ‘Center of Gravity.’  In that post, I explained how to easily stand up.  Well, this time I’ll explain an easy way to transfer.  A transfer just means moving… Read More ›