cerebellar stroke


About a year after I had a stroke I started a blog on a whim.  I thought – seriously I remember thinking this – that I’m a physical therapist, I know everything about recovering from a stroke.  I should start a blog… Read More ›

Rolling Over

Tiniree said that she was discharged from the hospital without having been taught how to more easily roll over and get up.  This bothered me for 2 reasons……… 1. It was obviously important to her and…….. 2. Rolling over was… Read More ›

24 years

I’m reading a book thing right now that will be considered a continuing education course when I’m finished with it and take the online test.  Here’s a line from the book…………….  Am I allowed to put lines from the book… Read More ›


There is a CRAPLOAD of misinformation out there. It’s kind of astounding. If you have a brain injury, you better figure out for YOURSELF the correct information and not blindly listen to everything your doctors tell you. This is all… Read More ›


Happy busiest going out night of the year everyone!  I hope later tonight you’re going out and partying it up just like me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve come to HATE the word ‘function.’  I started to read the manual of the continuing education… Read More ›